Savor the moments

Have you ever wanted to just sloooooooow down? We all have. Well, I assume we all have. Things get crazy. Life gets blurry. The task list is long and can get cumbersome. The constant unending chores to get done.

It is regular. It is normal. It is disheartening.

And we miss things.

I hate missing things.

When my kids were young, I wanted to savor the moments. But I was a working mom and a children’s minister and had a great friend circle and a home. And meals. And laundry. And … and … and … like you, probably.

I remember a very long phase where everyone in my world would brag with the  phrase “I’m so busy.” I grew to hate those words. It said: My life is overflowing. I am needed in so many areas. I have obligations and have made many choices from my many options.

But what it felt like was: “I don’t have time in my life for you. Or for things that count. Or to slow down and enjoy this moment.”

I wanted to enjoy the moments. It is what I purposed in my heart. I wanted people to know I had time for them. I wanted my kids to know I could sit and read with them or color or build or hike or listen or a million other things kids want to do with you.

I wanted to lunch and coffee and visit with those who wanted time. And I treasure that. I treasured it then and I treasure it now.

God has moved us to a new place and I am in the process of filling those moments with new people. The video calls with my little ones thrill my heart. I stop in my tracks when one of them calls. I open my calendar for lunch or tea time to treasure these new people in my path.

And I’m savoring the moments of my days. My new work mates, my times alone in the early hours listening to the soft snore from the other room, the sound of my knitting needles clicking as something new spills off of them for someone I treasure.

Currently, I am making a scarf. It is simple and quite lovely. I am using self-striping baby soft yarn. This morning I was knitting along, letting my mind just be still or wander. Suddenly the pink stripe ended and purple filled my needles and I smiled.

Silly? I know.

But I smiled, because it was pretty. And I noticed it.

Notice the moments. Hear the sweet responses from your loved ones. Hear their giggles and sighs. Return their smiles.



Patricia Meyers
Savoring the morning


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4 responses to “Savor the moments

  1. Thanks for a great reminder to savor the little things in life.


  2. You always did seem to savor the moment. I savor our moments together and other moments too. But it is great to be reminded.


  3. Ah, I can almost hear the click of your needles…knitting a scarf is no little thing for those of us who are less gifted. 🙂 I savor the memory of your talent and our many fun times together.


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