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Savor the moments

Have you ever wanted to just sloooooooow down? We all have. Well, I assume we all have. Things get crazy. Life gets blurry. The task list is long and can get cumbersome. The constant unending chores to get done.

It is regular. It is normal. It is disheartening.

And we miss things.

I hate missing things.

When my kids were young, I wanted to savor the moments. But I was a working mom and a children’s minister and had a great friend circle and a home. And meals. And laundry. And … and … and … like you, probably. Continue reading


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Attack Your Weakness

Recently, I came across an article by a personal trainer about attacking your weakness. He was talking about focusing on an area of your body that is your weakest area. If your belly is your biggest problem, focus on ab exercises; if your legs are scrawny, do squats until you are blue in the face; you get the idea.

Then I found a second article that talked about focusing on your eating before focusing on exercise because most people are so weak and lacking self-control regarding their diet that until that is strengthened, the rest is moot. Two different guys: same theme.

I think the motto “attack your weakness” could apply to just about anything. Even to running a children’s ministry. Continue reading

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Weekly posts to help, encourage, train, and challenge you in your ministry to children


Do It Well

If you are going to … do it well. Do it great! You know the verse:  

Col 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

If you are going to do … anything … do it great! Work at it with all your heart. Do nothing half-hearted.

That includes ministering to children. Or teaching children – as a school teacher or a home school mom. If you are going to do it, do it well. Do it very well. Continue reading

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Well … Hello!!!

Did you think I had gone into hibernation for the winter? I know, not good to start and then check out. But, I’m back and raring to go!

My oldest daughter gave birth to her 3rd son on March 24th. At week #11 (last fall) the doctor put her on bed rest. Did I mention it was her 3rd son? Her other two are 3 and 2. Yup … she’s busy … and getting busier.

Marshall newborn

The doctor gave her a 50/50 chance of keeping the baby. And here he is all healthy and gorgeous.

Ladies in our church and friends of Erin’s joined together and helped. I have a day job, so I could not be there 24/7. My boss was amazingly gracious and if Erin needed me, I was there.

It was tough days and weeks, as you could well imagine. But what is that compared to the life of a child? This darling boy.

And these two darling boys that needed clothes and snacks and diaper changes (one of them) and activity and questions answered, to name but a few.

Hunter and Marshall Xander and Marshall

So I’m back. A very blessed and happy Grammie. I cannot wait to see what God has planned for this little guy that arrived on the wings of many prayers.

And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me next, either. Life is rich and I love it with all its crazy twisty curvy turns. What’s next for me? Who knows? Do you know what is next for you? Let me hear it!!! Perhaps it will inspire me!

Patricia Meyers
One with Five Grandkids


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Look Up First

I have four grandchildren, with a fifth on the way. Lucky me, right? I know. Super blessed.

Hunter is my oldest daughter’s second boy. He is rounding the bend towards 2 years old. He is goofy, dirty, and messy. We call him “Pig Pen” jokingly. (Well, sort of jokingly.) Dirt finds him in a big way. I know you may have had one like that, or know one. Hunter is one.

He is as cute as they come and stinkin’ funny.

One thing he does that is different from almost every kid I’ve ever known is: When he goes outside, he looks up first. It is pretty strange. He’s past the stage where you are afraid of him toppling over, but when that head flies up, it seems uncertain.



He looks up because he likes birds.

And butterflies.

And planes and helicopters.

And anything else the sky might hold.


Most kids start running when their feet hit the pavement or grass. Not him. His head goes up before anything else.

We went for a walk the other day: me, Hunter (21 months) and Xander (3 years old).  I was holding securely to Hunter’s chubby little hand. We walked along okay for a while, but then his head tilted back and he stopped dead in his tracks and the adult absolutely must pay attention. Continue reading


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