Do What is Right For You aka Eat The Broccoli

Everyone is different. We all know that. HOWEVER, we feel uncomfortable when someone does something “different” than us. Doesn’t really make sense, though. If we are all, in fact, different; then we will do things differently.

And it is not just our personalities that are different. Our bodies are different, our minds are different, our purpose is different.

What is right for one person, may not be right for someone else.

And what someone has to walk through may not be something you have to walk through. And vice versa.

Well, I have to be vegan. I have tried to not be. I have tried to have a modified vegan diet. Nope. Has to be 100% for me. It makes me happy on one level and very unhappy on a few others (as you could well imagine).

Quinoa with mushrooms and broccoli — YUM!

But with my particular body and the wonderful kidney disease that has taken residency in me, vegan seems to be the answer.

I wrote my first post about being a vegan with the title  Vegan, Really?  And I still kind of feel that way. Not sure why. It isn’t that unusual any more. But, alas …

On top of that, I have to be wheat, rice, and corn free. So gluten-free products don’t work for me because rice is really not my friend. So, strict vegan it is. Of course, I live in a great day for this issue. Lentil noodles are my gift from heaven!

Pasta Primavera with lentil noodles and no parmesan

I’m learning to embrace it. My cooking skills are being put to the test. As is my will power and determination.

Fortunately, I love to cook and I love vegetables. On top of that, I believe we were created to live in a Garden, so that core belief serves me well here.

What is it that you have to walk through that is not only tough for you, but maybe generates criticism from those around you? It’s hard when comments come flying at you that chip away at your emotions that are already stretched. I’ve known in my spirit, for a long time, that extreme discipline in my eating is what is required of me. But it was tough. I still wanted to hang on to a few of my favorite things.

If you know it is what you have to do, then do it. You are you. Your makeup is your own. As is your walk on this planet. Your calling may not be someone else’s. Probably isn’t. Probably shouldn’t be. Just buck up and do what you need to do to be the very best you. What a great feeling it is, deep on the inside.

Onward …

Patricia Meyers
Eating veggies and learning to L.O.V.E. it



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4 responses to “Do What is Right For You aka Eat The Broccoli

  1. I love acorn squash. Baked. With butter, salt and pepper. Does that make me a vegan or do I have to give up meat, too? 🙂


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