Welcome to my little spot!

I’m Patricia PatMeyers – most people call me Pat. Or Miss Pat because of my years and years as a children’s minister. I use Patricia as my by line, but still, after years of speaking and writing as Patricia, when someone calls and asks “Is this Patricia?” I still feel like I’m in trouble (thanks Mom). But, we’re friends now — call me Pat.

My life is many-faceted. I hope yours is, too. Writer, speaker, children’s minister, wife, mom, grammie, office worker, knitter, cook, former home school mom. I love it all.

And I love the journey.  Well, most of the time! Sometimes life gets messy. But I have learned this: It’s more fun together!


Stuff I like . . .About2
I love whimsy. It has crept into most areas of my life. I love to travel. We haven’t done it nearly enough, but that is changing. I love to read, although I don’t do that nearly enough lately. I love to be with friends, I do that so much that I don’t have time to read. I love things to be in order, but I’m not great at it — I do try! I like to cook, especially for others. And I love to talk to children, they are so awesome and honest. I love meeting new people doesn’t matter if it is a server at a restaurant or a seller at a farmer’s market that I’ll only meet once. I just love it. One of my favorite things is to make others smile. And if I can make someone smile while drinking tea, all the better!


about3Little bit about me . . .
My husband, Dan, and I married young. He is funny, faithful, and true. We’ve laughed and cried together for a long time. We had three kids and had the most amazing times with them as they grew up. They are all married and we are collecting grandchildren at a rate of one a year. We just added #5 to the pile, 4 boys and 1 girl.

Another thing about me is that I am a blessed recipient of a new kidney. Kidney disease (like all other diseases) stinks. I am blessed and extremely grateful to be loving my God, my family, and my life because of the gift of another’s organ. Kinda cool, right?


My blog . . .about4

My life’s joy is helping people. For years I served as a children’s director and had the delight of serving the families in the church as well as the volunteer team that ministered with me. Over the past 12 years I have been assisting children’s ministers across the country with training, materials, and encouragement. The same is true with home school moms (I schooled my last two through high school). I find myself helping with cooking, parenting, coping with “life” and all kinds of other stuff. And I love it. There is nothing like bringing comfort to someone. I sure have been a receiver of encouragement and comfort through the years! (Including last week!) So, if I can help you feel encouraged, that would be a blessing.


Don’t be a stranger! Comment, question, answer back. This journey of life is more fun as a group tour! P.S. this is my oldest grandchild. the picture is a couple years old, but I just love it, so I wanted to share it with you.



6 responses to “About

  1. Pat,
    This is good. It is like hearing you talk in my head. My, it is getting crowded in there. Nice tone, facts mixed with fun.



  2. Mom

    You forgot to add that you were the most amazing child ever!!! I enjoyed reading this blog.


  3. Hi Patricia, I just stumbled into your “writing is a journey” piece on the other blog and followed you here. Lovely site! I look forward to reading your next! 🙂
    Feel free to check out my writing about publishing: publishinginsights.org


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