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60 First Days

Whether it is a new challenge, hustle, dream, goal, or job; that first day is awesome. So much motivation. So much hope. So much commitment. Nothing but positive as far as your eye can see.

But the first day bliss wears off. Reality kind of sets in. The motivation becomes more gray tones than black and white. And that stinks because you really want to do this! Continue reading


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Let’s Talk Toilet Paper

Specifically, let’s talk about changing the roll of toilet paper.

Yes, it is a little thing. In fact, it takes just seconds. BUT how many of us have gone into a restroom to find the toilet paper holder empty. Continue reading


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Life’s Twists and Turns

You are going down the street, your normal planned-out route, and suddenly the lane is closed.

Road Work Sign - Detour Ahead

The road has a detour sign on it. You were heading east and now you are due north. You never know what is around a corner or two ahead.

The same is true of life.

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