Nothing Just “Happens”

Well, I guess that isn’t true, so things do just “happen.” Like old age. It just happens, right. Of course you do have to exercise some semblance of sanity to make that happen. You know, like looking both ways before crossing the street, you know, stuff like that.

But other things … they don’t just  happen. It takes us.

Image result for self cleaning house

Our house doesn’t clean itself. Ever. Right? Our clothes do not  magically wash themselves. Our car doesn’t refill itself with  fuel. Our books do not get written by themselves. Our goals do not just surprisingly get met.


It takes us.

Yes, I have goals set before me. Things I want to accomplish and celebrate before 2017 closes its eyes. But they won’t happen on their own. If that were a real possibility, I would already be celebrating my 2nd novel, my weight loss, my climb to the top of Mary Jane Falls.

  • I wouldn’t need a goal.
  • I wouldn’t need to improve myself.
  • I wouldn’t need push ups and squats.
  • I wouldn’t need to pull something out of myself that I didn’t know I had or that had gone dormant.

The list could go on. But we all know it is true.

Stuff doesn’t happen by itself. We don’t recover from a serious illness without effort and positivity and diligence. We don’t build a muscle by sitting on a couch. We don’t learn to cook by driving through fast food restaurants. We don’t improve our relationships by burying ourselves in our phones.

Well, after retrospect, some stuff does just happen — the demise of a relationship, the decrease in our health, the increase of arterial blockage! Not really, you have to work at those things too. Just do the wrong things long enough, and POOF! you will reap the benefits.

Conversely, do the right things long enough, consistently, increasing your effort when you can and … time to celebrate!



Pat Meyers
Trying to make it happen



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2 responses to “Nothing Just “Happens”

  1. Well, you sure are energetic. You have always been a bundle of energy until about 8 PM.


  2. We don’t learn to cook by driving through fast food restaurants? RATS! There goes that idea. I suppose now you’re going to tell me that we don’t learn to write by buying notebooks and pens. Double RATS!!! 🙂 Guess I better get to work.


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