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Writing is my therapy

Sometimes I just need to write with a pen and hear that scratch against the paper while I pour out my thoughts and/or feelings and/or dreams and/or goals.

writing with tea

Sometimes I need to ponder a truth from the Bible while writing. It makes more sense to me when I write it out and spill my thoughts on paper than when I just ponder inwardly. Continue reading

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Do you need therapy?

I do. Often. Don’t we all?

You know:

Schocolate cakehopping therapy

Chocolate therapy

Go for a walk therapy

Massage therapy

Pedicure therapy

Golf therapy

Vacation therapy

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Do It Well

If you are going to … do it well. Do it great! You know the verse:  

Col 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

If you are going to do … anything … do it great! Work at it with all your heart. Do nothing half-hearted.

That includes ministering to children. Or teaching children – as a school teacher or a home school mom. If you are going to do it, do it well. Do it very well. Continue reading

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There’s nothing like making an impact.

Everyone wants to.

Some folks do.

Some never have, but want to.

If you ever have, you’ll want to over and over again.

Try it today. Continue reading

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Fine is a 4-letter word

What a funny place we have reached where, at times, the word “fine” sounds like an insult. We have discussed this fact in my writers’ group recently. If we get a review of something we have written that states “It is fine,” we are crushed.

Now we use it as a joke answering “It’s fine” when asked a variety of questions.


We have determined that sometimes “fine” is simply unacceptable. And it is definitely, at times, not a positive or complimentary response. Continue reading


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How The Hecker Are Ya?

I told you I like road trips that involve coming across little towns. You can read that one here. Within an hour of the town where I live, there is a little town named Hecker. Actually, it is a village.

Hecker water tower

It makes me smile to think of an address that reads Hecker, Illinois. I don’t know why. It just does. I have told my husband repeatedly through the years that we should live in the little town named Hecker. Continue reading


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We are who we are

Isn’t that the truth?? I mean, really! Why do we keep trying to change ourselves into somebody else when we already are somebody??

Sure, I want to lose weight (I really do. And I am working on it.) And I would like to write better (working on that, too). And I would like a more organized house (yup, working on it). Continue reading

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3 Things We Found in Every Small Town

Well, almost every one. And we looked.

Last summer we decided to go on a back roads vacation. We spent but a few miles on an interstate. The rest of the six days’ trip was back roads, little county roads, and lovely scenic drives.

It was fantastic. We stopped at diners named Joe’s and Mel’s and Ruby’s. We took side roads to see the town’s library and city hall. We took our time. And we loved it. Except for the night we could not find a hotel. Seriously. It took three towns to find a pillow for our heads. Continue reading


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A Life Connected

Lately I have been pondering the loveliness of sharing life together. Not just with your spouse, but with lots of people. I am going to assume the obviousness of sharing life with one’s spouse, daily and as long as there is breath.
Two butterflies

But I speak of  friends. So many heart connections there. One of my friends has been with me through life for the past 35 years. We have seen the ups and downs. Way ups and way downs. And we’ve shared them together. I’ve sat across from her at her kitchen table while she cried and comforted and listened and prayed. She’s been with me in the hospital, made meals for my family, listened, comforted and prayed. I laid on the floor staring up at her while she had to lay on a massage table face down for DAYS after eye surgery. She opened her door at 1:00 am to my two older children when I went into labor with my third. We talk about God, His Word, His plan. We talk about spouses and children and cooking and politics. Continue reading


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How do you comfort?

Everyone has their own style of comforting. Some people hug. Some make tea. Some listen then send a card. Some offer advice. Some offer too much advice. (smile)

Some compare whatever you are grieving about or struggling about with something they struggled with hoping they are being sympathetic.

Some take you out for ice cream. Or dinner. Or pie.

Some people go for a run, or a walk, or a massage, or a cookie.

And there are the comfort clichés: It will all work out. When God closes a door, He opens a window. There are other fish in the sea. Etc.

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