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My Organizational Secrets

I’m a wannabe — I’m sure most people are in some category. And perhaps in more than one.

Org Secrets

I’m a wannabe organized person. I can be very organized on the job, but at home it has always been W.O.R.K. My third child, a girl, came from the womb organized. She takes after my mother. I did not inherit that gene. By the age of 6 she was taking care of my spice cabinet. At 10 she banned me from putting away groceries in the pantry. She said I did not do it correctly. I talk about them here. Continue reading


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A Penman Ponders …

That seems to be what I do. I ponder things. I love to think about things. Odd? I know.

frog pondering

I remember, years ago, when a young co-worker found out that I did not turn the radio on in my car. She freaked. Seriously. It was hilarious. She did some research online to find out how many people don’t listen to music while they drive. Especially when they have a long commute, like me.

Suffice it to say I was in the minority. Vast minority. Continue reading


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Saying Thank You

What a thing to say — thank you. It’s not hard, but then sometimes it is, for a variety of reasons.

But it is a lovely thing to have said to you. Thank you — whether it is for a kind gesture, a gift, a thoughtful comment, or anything done whether big or small. Continue reading

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It is so easy to help others

Or to do someone a favor.

“Hey, will you do me a favor?” They ask.

I answer, “Sure!” or “I will if I can.”

But what about doing ourselves a favor? That seems difficult at times. Continue reading


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It’s like money in the bank …

Seriously. That’s how it feels.

I’ve changed my eating. Dropped all grain. All sugar is gone. So is all processed food.

This is serious.

But if I don’t do it, well, the other option is not good.

So I have become serious (almost obsessively so) about food prep. If I have salads made up in my refrigerator, protein cooked and at the ready, fruit cleaned, veggies cut up, and so on; I can win the battle daily. If not … you know the end of that sentence. Continue reading


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