30 Days of Plant-Based Eating Report

Well, here it is, April 9th. One month from my launch into plant-based eating as an experiment to see if it would help the kidney disease that has been getting ugly in my body. My nephrologist is prepared to launch a hard-core medication campaign — something I would desperately love to avoid. I have done these meds before. It was not pretty.

Here is a little data, sorry about the boring nature of the beginning of this report:

One med regiment is very high steroids. If you know anything about steroids, you know why I would like to pass on that. I am on a low dose of prednisone for the rest of my life (one of my anti-rejection meds) and that is bad enough. Extremely high doses usually ends up including insulin injections. No thank you.

The other one is an 3-part IV infusion of a med my body does not want to take. The last time they tried it they had to use 5 other meds to get my body to take the IV med. (See, my body hates it.) I would definitely like to say “No, thank you!” to that one.

But he is ready. Or, he was.

For the last couple of years, I have been at Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease (in my transplanted kidney). Now, you can live at Stage 2 your entire life. You can live there and not even know it. But since my history includes kidney failure, dialysis, and transplant; they get a little more serious about my numbers getting worse. The real kicker is that this past year the level of protein in my urine has climbed. This winter it spiked. Time for action.

At our meeting on March 8th, my doc was ready to prescribe the massive steroids and schedule the IV infusion at the hospital. I asked if I could try this. I told him I had sort of tried it before and it seemed to help. But he (along with my other docs) was against it. He argued for a minute and stared at me for 2 minutes. Then he slumped back in his chair and said “Prove it. Will you do 90 days of strict plant-based eating and let me see your labs?” Of course I heartily agreed.

And so I did.

I just got my first set of labs back. Technically the draw was at day 24, so keep that in mind.

Weight — I have only lost 5 pounds. Wish it was more, but it isn’t. Please don’t respond and tell me everyone you know that did plant-based eating lost 25 pounds their first month. I will cry. I am happy to have any downward movement. Two of my meds play with my system making it hard to lose. Not impossible, just hard. I am okay if it is slow, as long as it gets off!!! Five down.

Fasting Glucose — My number was down 12 points. Last month it was 136, this  month 124. Not good enough. I kind of thought it would be down more, but the number is what the number is. The same 2 meds that mess with stuff, increase your blood sugar. That is why so many (most) transplant patients are diabetics. I am simply refusing to accept that. It is terrifically hard, but I am willing to do the work. It needs to come down at least another 25 points.

CKD — I told you have I have been at Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Well … drumroll … my number improved to the point of being

                                                                              ONE POINT AWAY FROM STAGE 1!!! What????

One point! I freaked out. Seriously freaked out.

Proteinuria — Protein in the urine. This is the biggie. (Well, I think moving out of Stage 2 CKD is the biggie, but this is what the doc is watching primarily.)
The reference range is 0-200, in March mine was 1,316, in January it was 653, in November it was 1,470. See — trouble. All my results came back last Friday except this one — the critical one. I just got it today — it was 855! Down a good amount. Needs to come down more!!


I committed to 90 days, however I do not intend to stop. This is the new way I eat. It is so much healthier. I look better. I feel better. My skin is clearer, my hair feels better, my joints don’t ache.

The other day I was walking across a parking lot and I thought “I feel different. Just walking feels different.” Nice. I’ll take it.

I cannot wait to share the 60 day report!

I’m interested in your plant-based story!! Share!


Patricia Meyers
Plant-Based by Accident




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6 responses to “30 Days of Plant-Based Eating Report

  1. That is fantastic! Keep it up!

    I don’t have quite the same problems as you, but I’m happy not to take supplements for UTIs anymore, and the only thing I do differently is drink Bullet Proof Coffee daily. Who knew I would ever drink coffee????

    I am trying to get more plants in our diet as well, but you know that chopping thing, I just hate it! 🙂


  2. pattiontheroad

    Great job! Great work! Haha, I would be thrilled to lose 5 pounds in one month! How can that be a disappointment? I’m proud of you!


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