Accidental Vegan

I finally found the title that fits me. Accidental Vegan. I might change my domain name, but that seems complicated and  perhaps unnecessary. We’ll see.

But I do feel a little accidental. I came this way because of kidney disease. Not because I felt passionately about it (although I am getting more passionate about it daily). I am 100% in because my doctor told me to “prove it” to him that this would be better for my kidney. I have tried before and strayed from the path because the benefits did not seem solid. Now that I have researched more, studied more, and have a hardcore belief in this eating plan, I do not intend to stray again.

Within my gut is a strong conviction that we were created to live in a garden. So a plant-based diet simply makes sense to me in that regard.

Additionally, I absolutely do not want meat anymore. So weird. Really weird because THE DAY BEFORE I saw my doctor, I had an Inn N Out burger. Yes, I did. It was good. And it was my last one. Now I don’t even want it. It actually does not sound appealing at all. Strange.

You probably think I am joking. But, interestingly, I am not. I really don’t miss it.

I imagine it is because my body feels more nourished and therefore isn’t craving things  so much. I’ve been completely enjoying my meals.

I’m loving how I am feeling and I’m loving learning to prepare yummy stuff.

Monday was lab draw day — I cannot wait to see the results to know if we are seeing even a slight change in the numbers. Stay tuned …


Patricia Meyers
Accidental Vegan

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