How many choices do we make in a day? You know, big choices, like am I getting up now that I’m awake or now that the alarm went off, or am I not? Things like that.

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What about this one: Am I going to take care of my self today?

It’s easy to take care of our “have-to’s.” Like work, or children, or spouse, or necessary house stuff. Those things yell at us loudly.

But oftentimes we don’t listen to the  howl of our own body until it is howling so much that we have to talk to a doctor about the racket.

How about making the choice to take care of ourselves our first thing.

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You know — T.H.E. Thing.


Feed your health, fuel your body, strengthen your future.

How? Easy peasy — eat plants — nutrition rich, calorie light, fiber full, junk-free, unprocessed, live food made by the Creator himself to be used as our food.

It’s not hard, it’s not pricey, it’s not complicated.

Just throw some stuff in a bowl and chow down. YUM!

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Take care of you. Vitally important. Do you have folks counting on you? Then take care of you. Do you have more things  to do than you have energy or time to accomplish? Then take care of you. Do you want to vibrantly play with your kids, your grandkids, your great-grands? Then take care of you. Are you ill? Do you have a disease you are fighting? PLEASE! Take care of you. (You can read about my disease story and how this is helping me here.)

Make a great choice right now — what are you going to eat next? That is the only food choice you need  to make this minute. What is going into your mouth next?

Patricia Meyers
Plant Based by Accident

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