So long 2016 …

Looking back on a trip around the calendar is an excellent use of time. And my 2016 was a crazy one. How was yours?

  • It is the first year we did not add on a grandchild for the past 5 years! Crazy! (But we are adding one in 2017, so all is well.)
  • We moved from Illinois to Nevada! What? Really? yup!
  • I turned to a plant based diet! I did what exactly? It still seems strange. (Not as strange as the fact that we live in Las Vegas.) I wrote a little blurb about it here. Vegan, Really?
  • My writing took a serious back seat to the other things happening in my world. (Not my favorite thing on the list.)

It is vital to look at where you were and where you are. What are you happy with? What are you frustrated by?

And then … look forward.

What is it that you want to see when you sit here one year from today’s date?

  • Make some decisions about the answer to that question.
  • Then just make those things  happen.

When I hit Day #100 on my health journey someone said to me “You are so motivated!”

But, in reality, I’m not. I got frustrated. I got discouraged. I felt like nothing was making a difference. But I just continued on. Every day. I wrote in my journal, then just did a few things that I had decided were important.

Every day.

That’s it. Just doing the things that I decided I would do. Whether I felt motivated or not was immaterial. I just got up and made something healthy to eat. I said no to the things I said I would not eat. I did some movement. That’s it.

Every day.

What do you want to do for the next 100 days? Don’t overdo it. Don’t make it undo-able. Just make a list of a few things that, if done daily for a while, would have an impact;

  1. Give up sugar-y drinks? Easy. Just say no to them. Probably one of the very best places to start if you are still a soda drinker.
  2. Give up artificial sweeteners? PLEASE DO THAT! I am so anti-artificial sweetener now it is crazy. Google it, read about it. It makes it easier when  you read what things those products do to your body.
  3. Work out 3 times a week? Just do it. You’ll feel better after every single time.
  4. Pray more? Read your Bible? Time well spent.
  5. Write cards to friends? So therapeutic. Start with making a birthday list and start with that. Even if that is all you do for 2017, you will be so happy with yourself.
  6. Keep your house cleaner? Look on Pinterest for some easy lists for things to do in the morning and evening. It really is attainable. Just has to be done every day. Especially if you have kids or pets (OR BOTH!).
  7. Read more? Put it on your schedule and don’t let someone steal that time.

What’s your list? Do you have one? Make one now.

At our writer’s group Christmas Luncheon every year we discuss our goals for the upcoming year. This year all I could report was that my goal was to get my goals figured out and written down. If that is where you are, start there! Make a goal to sit down and do it. Grab a tablet, and a pen, and a cup of tea and park it. Start simple. Set a 30 day challenge that you feel is a priority. You can’t do EVERYTHING at one time. Choose 3 and accomplish them for January.

Then please report back. I will be so happy to celebrate with you.

Mine are similar to what I have been doing plus a few:

  • Eat plant based
  • Exercise (joining the community pool on the 2nd)
  • Time with God
  • Reduce my stuff (yes, even after getting rid of so much to move), I am on a minimalism pursuit
  • Write every day
  • Read every day
  • Pay off debt (we don’t have much left, time to get it to $0)
  • Knit more (I know that is ambiguous, but the other things are most important)

What is your list? SHARE!


Here’s to 2017!

Pat Meyers
Hitting my goals


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One response to “So long 2016 …

  1. Okay, I was on board until number 6. Some things are just not going to change! 🙂 My biggest personal challenge is discipline, so maybe I should start with one thing instead of three. We’ll see….


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