Life’s Twists and Turns

You are going down the street, your normal planned-out route, and suddenly the lane is closed.

Road Work Sign - Detour Ahead

The road has a detour sign on it. You were heading east and now you are due north. You never know what is around a corner or two ahead.

The same is true of life.

Suddenly there is a detour sign in your life’s path: An illness. A job change. A new baby. A family member leaving this world.

Life’s twists and turns happen at every stage in our journey. Sometimes we know they are coming. Other times they take us by surprise. Sometimes we can see around the bend. Other times it is a blind corner.

But it is what makes up our personhood. Hurdles in the road test our character. They break our rhythm and speed. They make us pause and ponder. They make us think. They often make us make decisions about our faith in a Guiding Hand.

Regardless of what the detour is in your path right now, grow through it. Don’t stumble over it. Remember that everyone gets to experience those yellow warning signs at different times. Life isn’t picking on you – it is growing you.

Are you there now? I am.


Patricia Meyers
Growing through it

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