Being Allowed To Help

You know what is a little thing? Saying the word “Yes” or “Sure” when someone offers to help.

It is such a little thing to allow someone the gift of doing something for you.

Yes, I am speaking from my heart here. I absolutely love doing stuff for people. It is part of what makes me me. And when someone is kind enough to just say “Yes,” that is a delight to the soul.

However, as I have mentioned previously, I was really sick for a while. And I needed help. UGH! That was awful. I could barely do anything for myself. I had many, many hospital stays. I couldn’t do my own shopping or cleaning. I cooked almost never and, when I did, it was simple fare. I couldn’t walk much further than to the car and back. My family wanted to go to the zoo one day, I had to be in a wheelchair.

Get Well Soon

It was awful for the person who loves to do things for others. But I remembered that feeling. And, when someone offered, I said “Yes.” And “Thank You.” And it was a blessing. Every meal, every card, every call, every visit was a blessing. The million little things my family did for me, were overwhelming.

And, those little things that people did for me did not feel little. But me saying “Yes” felt enormous.

But it isn’t enormous to allow someone to help you. It is little — with gigantic impact. The Bible tells us:

It is better to give than receive. Acts 20:34

Which I believe. However, someone has to receive for their to be a give. So, if you are like me and like to do stuff for others, keep on doing it.

But … when others offer to help you …

Let them do stuff. Say “Yes” and “Thank You.” And do that as often as you can.


Patricia Meyers
Giving and Receiving


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6 responses to “Being Allowed To Help

  1. So true. We had good friends who moved away a few years ago and they were huge helpers when we were moving to our new house. They packed, moved, unpacked, put in window screens, etc. But when it came time to help them, with meals after a surgery or when they moved out of state, they declined. Some people are not good at receiving, which robs us of a blessing. Something to keep in mind.


  2. This is so very true. I love helping people but it is so hard for me to accept help from anyone.


  3. Christy

    Good reminder to look for things to say Yes to! Thanks for the reminder.


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