Let’s Talk Toilet Paper

Specifically, let’s talk about changing the roll of toilet paper.

Yes, it is a little thing. In fact, it takes just seconds. BUT how many of us have gone into a restroom to find the toilet paper holder empty.

Or even worse –

empty toilet paper roll

I sat in a business meeting once. Years ago. Probably one of the worst business meetings ever. It was a small company I worked for. During the meeting, someone voiced a complaint that the toilet paper was being put on the roll the wrong way and she wanted it to be stopped.

Literally, I almost lost control of my inner hysteria.


I am not exaggerating when I say 50% of my bathroom trips at the office involved finding an empty toilet roll or something like the picture above. And the concern involved which way the toilet paper rolls?


So, in the end, it must be my fault. I must have been the one putting the toilet paper on the wrong way because, in my estimation, I was the ONLY  one replacing the toilet paper when it was empty.

Such a little thing. It only takes a few moments. Why is it such a big deal?

The subject event shows up on sitcoms regularly! You hear people mumble about it constantly!

It must be a thing with me because I think I have changed the roll of toilet paper at every one of my friend’s houses. If I haven’t changed the toilet paper at your house, you just haven’t invited me over. It is my special gift.

What if, I wonder, I had saved every empty toilet paper roll I have ever changed at places other than my own home? Wow! Would I have a stash!

We could make toilet paper crafts forever!!


But, truly, it is a little bitty thing.

But it is a little thing that is nice. Because when the toilet paper roll is empty, it is the opposite of nice.


Pat Meyers
Putting the toilet paper on the right way now



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5 responses to “Let’s Talk Toilet Paper

  1. Sara Meyers

    I love this! I didn’t even realize there were two ways to hang a roll of tp until my daughter-in-law informed I was doing it the wrong way and had taught my son to do the same. We got a good laugh out of it. But still, I figure I clean the bathrooms and pay the mortgage so Momma can hang the roll anyway I choose and the rest of my family can just roll with it!

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  2. With 4 bathrooms in my house, I am constantly changing the tp. I complain and yell, “Am I the only one in the house who can change the tp roll??” It irritates me to no end to walk in the bathroom and see an empty roll still there.
    Whether it’s right or wrong, I don’t even care. Just change it already!


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