Remembering Stuff

I love the word stuff. It’s a funny and fun word. It sounds “full.” Not really onomatopoeia, but sort of … if you say it right. And it can relate to anything:

“I have too much stuff.”Stuff2

“I like you and stuff.”

“Wanna go out and do stuff?”

“I’m stuffed!”

You get the idea.

Currently, I am remembering stuff. Memories of our life here in the St. Louis area. People. Moments. Times. Events. Craziness. And stuff.

I drove through Forest Park yesterday (St. Louis’ city park that is larger than Central Park in New York). A lot of life has been lived there: Hot Air Balloon Race picnics, a million trips to the Zoo, an Art Museum trip that was a little “toooooo artsy” for my young son, hikes, lunches, romantic dinners at The Boat House, meeting friends at the Visitor’s Center, walks, The Muny, the day we spent in the park before Grant enlisted, drives through just to see the colors in the fall, the 9/11 memorial … and lots more stuff like that. I cried a little, but I mostly smiled. Remembering really good times. Full times. Stuff.

I’ve met with friends and reminisced about stuff. One of my friends had a tea for me. Everyone shared some memories and my heart almost exploded. Some of the stuff people shared I didn’t remember. Isn’t that fun? They shared something that happened between us that left a mark on their life, and I didn’t even remember it. What a thought …

We leave marks without realizing it. What a responsibility.

I want to remember that fact every day of my life.

Instead of living each day like it is our last (as the often-used saying goes), let’s live it so our actions and/or words last. So that we leave a mark. Hopefully a positive mark full of impact.

Remembering stuff has made an impact on how I want to purposefully live my life in the days and years and decades ahead.

Lord, help me do just that, I pray.

Patricia Meyers
Moving forward, remembering past



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3 responses to “Remembering Stuff

  1. Ann

    Love your insight! Happy Stuff, Patti.


  2. Beautifully written, Pat. But I’m still going to miss you tons. Praying for you and your new adventures.


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