When something goes “viral”

What does it mean for something to go “viral”? It means it spread like wildfire through the Internet. Basically that is it, correct?

If that be true … then we should have heard of it, read it, seen it, whatever the case may be.

If that be true … then we would likely have been impacted by it, stirred, inspired, outraged, made aware; again, whatever the case may be.

If that be true … then it should impact our daily life.

I read an article the other day about a man who took the time to speak to a mentally challenged teenage boy and the interaction blessed the mother immensely. I was told the article went “viral”.

If that be true — and over 300,000 people have liked this article on Facebook — then shouldn’t over 300,000 peopleCrowd1 be trying to make an impact like the gentleman in the article when they are out in public?

Shouldn’t that mean over a quarter million positive interactions with mentally challenged people are occurring on a regular basis?


Here is a link to this particular article if you want to read it:

A Stranger Talks to Her Son …

It seems like my assumption should be true. When we read something like this, so simple, so sweet, so easy to do; we should put that into our repertoire. “Be not hearers only, but doers …” the Bible says speaking of itself. But I think it might be applicable to this topic as well.

There are so many things like this, so many posts articles, sermons, photos that could change our daily interactions if only we would let them.

At least that is what my pondering heart thinks.


Patricia Meyers
Hope to make someone smile today

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