Things are looking serious!

Oh dear … things are getting serious around here. There are stacks of boxes and bins for the moving truck.


And a smaller stack of goodies (with more to be added) that must be stuffed into our cars.


We’ve planned our route to include a visit to my sister in Missouri and a few days with our daughter in Colorado.

We are quite giddy with the fact that we leave in 11 days and we have no place to live as yet.

We feel 19 all over again. Of course, it is much easier these days. There is to get a place to stay while you nose around. There are online sites to have a virtual look at apartments and condos. There is GPS!

We’ve been planning this move for almost 10 months. Crazy, right? Of course the first 2 months don’t count, because we were in deliberations with each other. Then the planning began.

It took 7 months to get Dan’s healthcare licenses from the State of Nevada. Who knew? But they are here.

We are packing.

We are leaving.

Facing a new adventure, leaving major chunks of our heart behind.

An ending. And yet, a beginning.

It is unsettling and exciting in equal measure.

So we go, trusting Him, looking forward to the adventure and what is in store.

Have you been there? Facing a new adventure rather blindly? Or a new season? Or a phase of life that is completely new and different and seemingly void of solid answers?

How did you do it? What secret can you share?


Now, for the rest of the packing.


Pat Meyers
On the move



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4 responses to “Things are looking serious!

  1. Christy

    So excited for this new adventure you are on. Never a dull moment living for the Living God!


  2. Michael

    Well, yes. We have been there. Moved to California years ago with no jobs and no place to live. Worked out ok so far! 😊 Looking forward to having you closer!


  3. Yes, I’ve been on adventures, and you just have to take it one day at a time, trusting God for each step along the way.



    God is so good! This is such exciting news for you 😊

    Sent on the new Sprint Network


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