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What if we really did it?

What if we really did what the Bible said? Like … really.

For instance, when it says “Be anxious for nothing, but through prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God.” (Phil. 4:6) What if we really did that?

Instead of worrying.

Instead of fretting.

Instead of trying to figure things out on our own.

Instead of talking about the problem to everyone around us.

Instead of posting weird, vague Facebook posts about our struggle.

Instead of a thousand other things.

What if we really took it to God? What if we really prayed? What if we sat quiet and waited for peace?

What if we trusted Him instead of convince ourselves it will always be dreadful?

What if we really did what the Bible said? And lived like we believed it?


Things to ponder.


Patricia Meyers
Pondering away

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Things are looking serious!

Oh dear … things are getting serious around here. There are stacks of boxes and bins for the moving truck.

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No Matter What

I thought you would enjoy this meditation by a friend from church, Lori Braswell:

No matter what…..those 3 words we use quite often in our day-to-day lives.

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Are you in a challenge?

Or facing a struggle? A test? Trial?

Or something of the sort?

I am.

And this is what I have to say to you (and to me):

Phil 4:13

I have faced challenges before, as I am certain you have as well; but with each test comes the struggle. The struggle of knowing what to do. The struggle of trusting the One who has promised to help us.

So we remind ourselves again of how we managed the last one and that we will not be left alone during this one.

Psalm 121:2
Life is full of ups and downs. My goal: to smile on the way up and the way down!
Pat Meyers
Putting on the grins

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Above the clouds, the sun is beaming

One of my trips to see my mother took place in January. She lives in north central California, about an hour south of Sacramento.

The flight was non-stop (Yay!) early in the morning. The sun was coming up as I left St. Louis and it was beautiful. During the entire flight the sun was blazing. I wanted to put the shade down by my seat, but I didn’t. It was too lovely. The sun beams brilliantly bouncing off of the heavy cloud floor.

sun above the clouds

Four full hours of sun later I felt exhilarated and cornea-fried. But I do love the sun, so no complaints. Continue reading

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125 Teacups

My youngest daughter got married a couple of years ago. We did the wedding ourselves and it was lovely. She is very crafty and creative so not one person in attendance was surprised at the loveliness they witnessed.

One of the things she wanted was to have a china tea cup and saucer for every guest. They could have tea or coffee in a lovely cup and then take it with them as a memento.

tea cups, wedding, encouragement

photo credit Lauren Robertson

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Look Up First

I have four grandchildren, with a fifth on the way. Lucky me, right? I know. Super blessed.

Hunter is my oldest daughter’s second boy. He is rounding the bend towards 2 years old. He is goofy, dirty, and messy. We call him “Pig Pen” jokingly. (Well, sort of jokingly.) Dirt finds him in a big way. I know you may have had one like that, or know one. Hunter is one.

He is as cute as they come and stinkin’ funny.

One thing he does that is different from almost every kid I’ve ever known is: When he goes outside, he looks up first. It is pretty strange. He’s past the stage where you are afraid of him toppling over, but when that head flies up, it seems uncertain.



He looks up because he likes birds.

And butterflies.

And planes and helicopters.

And anything else the sky might hold.


Most kids start running when their feet hit the pavement or grass. Not him. His head goes up before anything else.

We went for a walk the other day: me, Hunter (21 months) and Xander (3 years old).  I was holding securely to Hunter’s chubby little hand. We walked along okay for a while, but then his head tilted back and he stopped dead in his tracks and the adult absolutely must pay attention. Continue reading


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