60 First Days

Whether it is a new challenge, hustle, dream, goal, or job; that first day is awesome. So much motivation. So much hope. So much commitment. Nothing but positive as far as your eye can see.

But the first day bliss wears off. Reality kind of sets in. The motivation becomes more gray tones than black and white. And that stinks because you really want to do this!

I have just begun a 60 Day Challenge. It has to do primarily with my health, but my whole self will benefit. Oh my goodness! The motivation! I have everything ready. Failure is NOT an option!

You know what I mean.

So, I was thinking … what if I could have 60 First Days. (Yes, I love that movie 50 First Dates, but it is not like that.)

You know, 60 days of total motivation. 60 Days where each day is wrapped in complete commitment and positivity. Where each day stands on its own two feet, not on the disappointment or difficulty of yesterday.

Why not? I ask myself! Why not?

Sure cravings kick in. Or weariness. Or feeling like all your little steps will NEVER add up to something big. But what if we began the next morning like it was the first day of the entire goal?

Why not? I ask you! Why not?

Many items we purchase come with a 60 day guarantee.


Image result for free image of 60 days

What about taking those same 60 days and making a guarantee to ourselves. Fresh commitment each day to see what we can accomplish … how good we can feel … how many items we can sell … how well we can master that subject … how many pages we can write … how many points off of our glucose level … how many pounds we can lift … (you continue the list for yourself).

Why not? Regardless of what your current goal is. Take 60 days (or whatever number you choose) and make each day like the first day of excitement and enthusiasm.

60 days for myself



Patricia Meyers
This is my third First Day



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2 responses to “60 First Days

  1. Good perspective and a great idea!


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