Life is Complicated

My husband and I love to watch movies. We prefer it over TV without contest. But, when you watch movies on a regular basis, you get frustrated with the mediocrity that exists. You know, the over-use of catch phrases, the same film shot repeated over and over sometimes crossing genres with ease, the lazy dialogue.

This is our motto

This is our motto

Now, I state all that not as a professional movie critique, but just an average person who pays attention.

One of the phrases we laugh about is how many times the words “It’s complicated” show up in movies. It is amazing! We laugh at it. We roll our eyes. And sometimes an exasperated sigh escapes our lungs. There’s even a movie with the title! Now, that is funny.

Not that we could do better if we attempted writing screenplays to please the masses.

But these two folks, members of the masses, wish movie producers would strike a few clichés from their repertoire.

HOWEVER, upon further consideration; life is, in fact, complicated. Isn’t it? Maybe that is why the phrase is repeated ad nauseam.

There are so many factors to life: relationships, faith, finances, family (which could fall under relationships, but deserves its own category), health and fitness, how to spend one’s leisure time, how to live your life in spite of other people’s opinions about your life.

Hand with puzzle

See … complicated! It’s like a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that does not possess the lovely assistance of straight borders.

But it is our gift. Life. A gift wrapped in messiness filled with treasures and heartaches and blessings and struggles.

Complicated or not, it is worth the effort. Relationships — while difficult, usually become the mainstay of our existence. Family — filled with every sort of emotion, yet we fall back on them every step of our journey. And the list goes on. The coupling of struggle with immense joy on every front.

Life. A gift from God. A work in progress. A source of joy and fulfillment when going well. A classroom when it isn’t.


Patricia Meyers
Living Life – Joyful Regardless of Complications


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