Almost Christmas!

I was pondering this morning … 16 days until Christmas.

I’m not normally a super stressed person and this year I have helped myself out a ton by doing the majority of my shopping in October. It was wrapped by the first weekend of November. So now I can sit back, do a few extra things, go see lights with my grand-kiddos and just enjoy.

Here was my pondering:

What was it like a little more than 2 weeks before the first Christmas? Was Mary anxious for that kid to come out like most of us when we are having our babies? Of course there was the trip to Bethlehem. How crazy and stressful was that for her? Did she feel prepared?

She was a first-time mother without her family around for support.

Just thinking about that kind of angle makes it so very real. She was a real girl. He was a real baby. The whole thing was real.

And it changed everything.


Patricia Meyers
Thinkin ’bout Christmas


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3 responses to “Almost Christmas!

  1. I can not even imagine riding a donkey while 9 months pregnant. Riding in a car can be bad enough!


  2. Sara Meyers

    Not to mention the fact that she was going to be giving birth to the Son of God – no ordinary birth there, folks! Just sayin’.


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