Amazing People

I am lucky. I’ll be you think you are, too. I know some amazing people.

I know people who take pictures like this:

barn with gorgeous clouds

You can click on the picture to go to her website and see more beauties.

I know people who write books (a lot of people actually). Here is one of my very good friends’ book:

Cookie Encounter

She just released it on Amazon. Click on the book cover if you want to see it in

I know someone who has written and drawn a coloring book! It will be released any day. You can find out about it at her website:

I know people who minister to children, who go to war zones as missionaries, who pastor churches, who reach out to the elderly, who visit patients receiving chemo, who give to charities instead of presents to family, who drive to the mountains to deliver goods to those in need, who buy hundreds of school supplies for inner city children, who rescue animals, who volunteer endlessly, who love others first and foremost.

I am lucky.

How lucky are you? Let me hear about it.

When we stop and think about it, we are surrounded by amazing people. That should stir us to be more amazing.

And we all can be.

And we all are in our own way.

Keep being the amazing you. Whatever you do for others, keep doing it.


Pat Meyers
Amazed at those who are Amazing


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2 responses to “Amazing People

  1. You are also amazing, children’s author! Praying your signing tomorrow goes great!


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