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Here I am …

In the South West. Far, far away from my little loves, my friends, all things familiar. It is crazy exciting (another word for exhausting) and beautiful (another word for gorgeous). But I miss my peeps.

I know God will fill that hole a bit when we are able to get involved and meet people, but they will never take the place of those that have filled my days and years for the past few decades. The laughs, the lessons, the lunches. The troubles, the teasing, the triumphs. The crying, the card games, the communion.

I miss it all.

I knew I would. That doesn’t shock me. But it doesn’t comfort me either.

Life takes turns and twists and we are on one of those (or both) at present. We love thinking about what we have in store. We are enjoying the “putting our new life together” phase. It is odd and fun.

But when I lay my head down at night I see the little faces that made my face light up daily. And my eyes leak.

My three stooges

My three stooges

But I know God will care of them as well. It never was up to me anyway. It’s all Him. And for that I am thankful and mindful to keep that perspective in tact.

I am ready for new experiences, but I hate leaving the old ones so far away. Yes, it is the typical cake-and-eat-it-too syndrome. Full force.

But we do it anyway, because it is what He has told us to do.

For all of you who read this who have been such a prized part of my history, I treasure you.

Are you feeling alone? Even in the midst of loved ones? It happens to everyone. Go to Him. He is there. Comment below with a smiley face, I’ll pray for you. Smiling through the discomfort is sometimes the only way to get to the other side.


Blessing those who have blessed me,

Pat Meyers



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Encouragement From A Bathroom Story

I know, weird title, but it’s true.

My brother, Mike, married Jane from Maine 26 years ago. She is lovely and kind and we have enjoyed our times together through the years even though they have been too few and too far between.

They have lived everywhere except near my family. But that didn’t matter. When my kids go to see their Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane they were thrilled. Especially Uncle Mike because he would shoot off fireworks with them. Continue reading

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What Encourages Me

Seeing people do amazing things encourages and inspires me. Hearing a testimony about someone conquering their fear or disability or insecurity and finish something awesome lights a fire in me. Meeting someone who is simply “doing it” absolutely challenges me.

Do you know anyone like that? Have they spurred you on?

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

I came in contact with www.No41.org through my daughter-in-law. I sat and read every word on their website, then I read their blog entries, then I stared at the pictures of those lovely ladies that have had their lives completely changed because of one dreamer and doer: Tara. Continue reading

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Phone Charging Can Be Tricky …

I sat on the floor at the Las Vegas airport near the only outlet I could find. People were lined up to my left, on my right was a post that provided me a little back support. I tried to keep my feet tucked in and not get trampled as travelers rushed to their gates or to the slot machines located very near my spot.

Most airports have charging stations. My sister and I traveled together just three months ago. We met in Dallas, sat at a charging station and got caught up on life happenings. No charging stations here. I suspect they want people to take advantage of the slot machines. That makes sense. Continue reading

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Travel Therapy

I haven’t traveled as much as I would like, but I have been to 40 of the 50 states and two other countries. I know … I need to work on that. And I plan to do just that.

Even so; I absolutely love to travel. I love meeting new people, trying new food, seeing new sights, enjoying different foliage and climates. I love it. Every bit of it.

Continue reading


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My husband calls it aquatherapy

I love water. I love looking at it, hearing it, and smelling it. I can sit on the beach and stare out at the water and listen to the waves forever. But we don’t live near a beach. We do, however, live near The Mississippi River.

Not quite the same. But it is water.

Dani at the lake
Photo credit Megan Meyers

This picture is my granddaughter. The feeling that picture exhibits matches the feeling in her Nana’s heart when standing by water. Of course she is extra cute snuggling her doggie. Continue reading

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How The Hecker Are Ya?

I told you I like road trips that involve coming across little towns. You can read that one here. Within an hour of the town where I live, there is a little town named Hecker. Actually, it is a village.

Hecker water tower

It makes me smile to think of an address that reads Hecker, Illinois. I don’t know why. It just does. I have told my husband repeatedly through the years that we should live in the little town named Hecker. Continue reading


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3 Things We Found in Every Small Town

Well, almost every one. And we looked.

Last summer we decided to go on a back roads vacation. We spent but a few miles on an interstate. The rest of the six days’ trip was back roads, little county roads, and lovely scenic drives.

It was fantastic. We stopped at diners named Joe’s and Mel’s and Ruby’s. We took side roads to see the town’s library and city hall. We took our time. And we loved it. Except for the night we could not find a hotel. Seriously. It took three towns to find a pillow for our heads. Continue reading


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