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Staring at a blank screen

How many times have we done that? Just stared at a blank screen.blank monitor

We need to get something written,  nothing comes. We need to plan something for dinner, no ideas. We need to write a comforting card to someone, the words aren’t there. We need to make it through our must-do list, our energy evaporates.

Today it is a blank screen for me. Nice bright white screen.

And it made me think about life. Sometimes we forget that every single day is a clean slate, a blank screen, an empty page waiting to be written upon. Continue reading

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What a great saying!

Just the other day I had someone say to me “Thanks for being you.”

Then, the next day, I responded to something online and the company sent me the same response in giant letters that basically filled my entire screen.

What a great sentence:


Thanks for being you.


It has a lot wrapped up in it. Continue reading

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I wish I had known Randy Sims

Until yesterday I had never (to my knowledge) heard his name. But yesterday my Facebook feed blew up with tributes to this 27-year-old teacher who was tragically killed by a drunk driver.

The words of grief and of tribute stirred my heart deeply.

It appears that everyone in my circle knew him except me. Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but it felt that way.

All day people commented about how he had inspired them, how they would miss him, and how unbelievably sad it was. Then last evening I spoke to a friend whose grandson was having a tough day because a very close of friend of his was killed. “Who is that?” I asked. The answer: “Randy Sims.”

I never knew him. But today I am inspired by the life he lived. I am inspired by the words written of him by one of his recently graduated students. I am inspired by the short comments about something he said or a sign he had in his classroom or his attendance at his students’ events. I was moved by the expectations he had of his students and, evidently, of himself.

I don’t have a picture of him to share with you, because none of the pictures belong to me. And I would never intrude of the grief of those still in shock at his passing to request one to use.

I am inspired by the impact one could have if one lives his life from the heart. If one lives his life with passion.

We should all be encouraged that you need neither money nor fame nor a world-wide platform to leave a legacy, to have a lasting impact on others. Randy had none of the former but the latter he had in abundance.

Will that be said of me? of you? We can live our life so that it is.

I wish I had known him. I wish I could look into the smiling face I have seen in post after post after post on my computer. I wish I had a firsthand memory to share.

But I don’t need it to keep the inspiration I have been gifted secondhand alive in my heart and put into practice in my life.

Well done, sir. Well done.


Pat Meyers
May my life be an inspiration



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Encouragement From A Bathroom Story

I know, weird title, but it’s true.

My brother, Mike, married Jane from Maine 26 years ago. She is lovely and kind and we have enjoyed our times together through the years even though they have been too few and too far between.

They have lived everywhere except near my family. But that didn’t matter. When my kids go to see their Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane they were thrilled. Especially Uncle Mike because he would shoot off fireworks with them. Continue reading

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Everyone needs encouragement

That seems obvious doesn’t it? Of course we all do.

However, do you know someone who seems like they never need encouragement like the rest of us? They seem self-propelled. They seem to have a Teflon coating when it comes to struggles. It may seem they are eternally optimistic and don’t need the uplift from a friend.

Well, regardless of appearance, they do need encouragement. They need a smile. They need a “You Can Do It!” They need a verbal hug.

We all do.


I know a some of those folks. A couple I know well. And those who don’t know me  really well might be tempted to say it about me.

But it’s not true. Continue reading


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What Encourages Me

Seeing people do amazing things encourages and inspires me. Hearing a testimony about someone conquering their fear or disability or insecurity and finish something awesome lights a fire in me. Meeting someone who is simply “doing it” absolutely challenges me.

Do you know anyone like that? Have they spurred you on?

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

I came in contact with www.No41.org through my daughter-in-law. I sat and read every word on their website, then I read their blog entries, then I stared at the pictures of those lovely ladies that have had their lives completely changed because of one dreamer and doer: Tara. Continue reading

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27 Simple Ways To Encourage Someone

Here are some fun ways to be an encourager:

Encourage, Encouragement Continue reading

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Encourager is a Person

Encourager — one who encourages.

Pretty simple, right? If you encourage someone, you are an encourager.

Regardless of how you  would describe yourself, an encourager should be on the list.

I had the great delight of meeting Lisa recently. She is an inspiration and an encouragement. Primarily because of what she has accomplished, but also because of her desire to be an encourager.Clean for over a year

She is 468 days clean!! Yes, you read that correctly.

468 days! AND COUNTING!

Continue reading


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Encourage is a Verb

It is something we do. An action verb. We should do this action often.  On purpose. Repeatedly!

encourage is a verb

It’s so easy to say something kind and uplifting. Really, it’s not hard. And usually only takes a moment or two. But is isn’t performed as often as one would think.

I love to send out notes. It is one of my favorite things to do. But it is easy to forget with the general busy-ness of life. But is only takes a few moments (I remind myself). So do it! Continue reading


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A Spot For Everyone, and Everyone in Their Spot

There is a spot for every type of personality. Every single one.  There’s a spot for you. (Do you love Big Bang Theory? You know, Sheldon has a spot.) Whether you feel like you have a “spot” or a purpose … you do.

Do you, at times, feel like you are sitting in someone else’s chair? Perhaps you don’t think you are entitled to sit in the cool chair you have been given. But you are. Why not you? That chair can be for you!



One way to make your life easier is to stop trying to fit into someone else’s chair. And don’t make someone fit a seat that you choose for them instead of allowing them to sit in the seat they were made to sit in. If you aren’t sure of your spot, start by believing there is a spot that is just for you. Because there is. Believe it!

Continue reading


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