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Saying Thank You

What a thing to say — thank you. It’s not hard, but then sometimes it is, for a variety of reasons.

But it is a lovely thing to have said to you. Thank you — whether it is for a kind gesture, a gift, a thoughtful comment, or anything done whether big or small. Continue reading

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People are funny

Sometimes, as day runs into day, it is easy to miss the hilarity that meets us through people all around us. Or we ignore it. Or forget it.

But life is fun because of people.

three people laughing


One of the things I like more than anything is witty-ness and puns. A really good pun can tickle my funny bone to the embarrassing point. Sometimes, if it really tickles me, I can laugh about it again and again, reliving it. Continue reading


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Everyone needs encouragement

That seems obvious doesn’t it? Of course we all do.

However, do you know someone who seems like they never need encouragement like the rest of us? They seem self-propelled. They seem to have a Teflon coating when it comes to struggles. It may seem they are eternally optimistic and don’t need the uplift from a friend.

Well, regardless of appearance, they do need encouragement. They need a smile. They need a “You Can Do It!” They need a verbal hug.

We all do.


I know a some of those folks. A couple I know well. And those who don’t know me  really well might be tempted to say it about me.

But it’s not true. Continue reading


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Encouragement is a noun

Encouragement is a noun, which means it is a “thing.” An actual “thing.” It may not be physical like a table or a ping pong ball or a cupcake; but it is felt. Isn’t it?

It is not an idea. Or a philosophy. Or something ethereal.

It is a noun. A thing.

An actual thing.

Remember the last time you were the benefactor of encouragement? Ahhhhhh…. nice, wasn’t it? It felt like a thing, didn’t it?

What about the last time you dished out a batch of encouragement? It feels nice, too. It is one of the things that is great for both parties.

Sometimes one dose of hearty encouragement can last us the length of the current struggle, race, game, trial, learning curve, etc. Continue reading

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Encourage is a Verb

It is something we do. An action verb. We should do this action often.  On purpose. Repeatedly!

encourage is a verb

It’s so easy to say something kind and uplifting. Really, it’s not hard. And usually only takes a moment or two. But is isn’t performed as often as one would think.

I love to send out notes. It is one of my favorite things to do. But it is easy to forget with the general busy-ness of life. But is only takes a few moments (I remind myself). So do it! Continue reading


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Don’t emulate – create!

What a waste of time it is to try to emulate someone else, another’s gifting, someone’s style — A complete and utter waste.Pat and Dani

Don’t do it.

While trying to copy someone’s style of writing, painting, singing — whatever — you are not growing in your own unique gifting.

You are literally wasting time.

When you finally realize that you will NEVER be that other person, you have to start from where you left off.

Wasted time. It is shocking that so many people get caught in this trap!

Don’t do it.

Spend your hours and days being you. Developing you. Growing into the best you.

I know it’s been said a bazillion times before. But I join my voice in the chorus. Continue reading

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Pet Therapy

This is my mom, Sue, and her dog, Joey. I can talk about how therapeutic a pet can be until I am blue in the face; but this picture alone is worth 2,000 words (I am counting 1,000 per character in the photo).

Mom and Joey

My mom had lost her little red-headed poodle named Zoe. Her heart was broken. Zoe was the last dog in a long line of dogs through my mom’s life. We had dogs all the while I was growing up: cockapoo, mutt, another mutt, little pug-style mutt, German shepherd. And she had two Lhasa Apsos before the red-headed poodle. Continue reading


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Fine is a 4-letter word

What a funny place we have reached where, at times, the word “fine” sounds like an insult. We have discussed this fact in my writers’ group recently. If we get a review of something we have written that states “It is fine,” we are crushed.

Now we use it as a joke answering “It’s fine” when asked a variety of questions.


We have determined that sometimes “fine” is simply unacceptable. And it is definitely, at times, not a positive or complimentary response. Continue reading


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