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Savor the moments

Have you ever wanted to just sloooooooow down? We all have. Well, I assume we all have. Things get crazy. Life gets blurry. The task list is long and can get cumbersome. The constant unending chores to get done.

It is regular. It is normal. It is disheartening.

And we miss things.

I hate missing things.

When my kids were young, I wanted to savor the moments. But I was a working mom and a children’s minister and had a great friend circle and a home. And meals. And laundry. And … and … and … like you, probably. Continue reading


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Knitting Therapy

I am such an avid knitter that it should be included on my About Me page. Perhaps I’ll edit that soon. I learned to knit when I was 8 years old. My aunt taught me. Aunt Jean was a purposeful lady. If she thought a thing should be done, it would be done. She was a no nonsense lady, too. Got a job? Tackle it and get on with it.

Her grandchildren called her Heidi. Her name wasn’t Heidi, it was Jean. But they called her Heidi because every time she went to see them or vice versa she would greet them with a rambunctious “Hidy!!” So that’s what they called her. I thought that was adorable. My grandkids call me Grammie or Nana. Not as exciting as “Hidy” now that I think about it. I love hearing “Nana!” just the same. Continue reading


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