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Trust is Tricky

It is just so easy to say we trust someone or that we trust God. But, WOWSER!, when something goes wrong… !!!

It is then that trust becomes tricky.

Driving my 35 mile commute to work is nothing most days. I sit back and stare ahead when the sun is out and the day is clear. But let an ugly thunderstorm kick up and the rain come in sheets making visibility a wish instead of a reality, then where is the trust? Or when the entire bridge over the Mississippi is invisible due to solid fog, trust is invisible as well.

But what, exactly, is trust?

Reliance on the integrity, strength, surety, ability, etc.; in a person or thing. Confidence. (

Trust, as you can see from the definition, has absolutely nothing at all to do with the circumstances being perfect. It has to do with the thing in which you are trusting.

When circumstances are undesirable, our ability to trust is proven. Or shown to be lacking.

Trust is like character. It needs to be proven to show its worth. It needs to be tested to show that it can be counted upon.

Don’t despair when testing comes, let it show the stuff you are made of. The Bible tells us that.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-8

Maybe joy is hard to come by at first, we can work up to that. We should at least count it as a good thing because then our trust level and our character can grow and we, thereby grow in equal measure.

Pat Meyers
Counting it Joy (at least attempting to)

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Making Waves

I joined the YMCA a few months ago to use the pool for therapy on my ailing knee as well as exercise. I love the water.

It has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Three weeks in and the swelling was down by 80%. After six weeks I no longer wore my brace. Now I love going for the exercise and the relaxation. Continue reading


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Are you in a challenge?

Or facing a struggle? A test? Trial?

Or something of the sort?

I am.

And this is what I have to say to you (and to me):

Phil 4:13

I have faced challenges before, as I am certain you have as well; but with each test comes the struggle. The struggle of knowing what to do. The struggle of trusting the One who has promised to help us.

So we remind ourselves again of how we managed the last one and that we will not be left alone during this one.

Psalm 121:2
Life is full of ups and downs. My goal: to smile on the way up and the way down!
Pat Meyers
Putting on the grins

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A life consistent

There is nothing like a story of someone who changed their situation massively. Or someone who overcame tremendous odds. You know, the Olympic athlete that came from meager beginnings and worked 42 jobs to enable him/her to train 100 hours a week and made it to the Olympic podium winning over those with every possible support and resource available to them. Or the author who sold their first manuscript for a million dollars and went from rags to riches by their skill and talent and determination.

Those stories stir us, inspire us, motivate us, and sometimes shame us. They are fantastic. Continue reading

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I remember the day

I remember the day my husband stood between my IV port and the nurse. I have met nurses a’plenty through my years, not many are like this one; but this one was my nurse at the time.

I had had a minor surgery (as if any are really minor). Family was not allowed in Recovery Room #1. I woke up and they game me pain meds through my IV. Not long after my feet started twitching uncontrollably. “Weird,” I thought. Then my hands were feeling unconnected to my body. Continue reading


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Purple Paint

The walls in my office are painted purple

purple paint

And why shouldn’t they be? I love that color. I love it on the inside of me.

I wish I didn’t love it so much. I wish I wasn’t so predictable.

But … I do … and I am.

We will move from our house this year (we are cleaning the attic and basement as we speak — err … write). I wonder if I’ll ever have another completely purple room. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But I’ve had one for well over a decade. And I’ve loved it. Continue reading

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Above the clouds, the sun is beaming

One of my trips to see my mother took place in January. She lives in north central California, about an hour south of Sacramento.

The flight was non-stop (Yay!) early in the morning. The sun was coming up as I left St. Louis and it was beautiful. During the entire flight the sun was blazing. I wanted to put the shade down by my seat, but I didn’t. It was too lovely. The sun beams brilliantly bouncing off of the heavy cloud floor.

sun above the clouds

Four full hours of sun later I felt exhilarated and cornea-fried. But I do love the sun, so no complaints. Continue reading

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Staring at a blank screen

How many times have we done that? Just stared at a blank screen.blank monitor

We need to get something written,  nothing comes. We need to plan something for dinner, no ideas. We need to write a comforting card to someone, the words aren’t there. We need to make it through our must-do list, our energy evaporates.

Today it is a blank screen for me. Nice bright white screen.

And it made me think about life. Sometimes we forget that every single day is a clean slate, a blank screen, an empty page waiting to be written upon. Continue reading

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What a great saying!

Just the other day I had someone say to me “Thanks for being you.”

Then, the next day, I responded to something online and the company sent me the same response in giant letters that basically filled my entire screen.

What a great sentence:


Thanks for being you.


It has a lot wrapped up in it. Continue reading

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Pondering Discipline

The Bible says:

Proverbs 13 18a

Whoever disregards discipline comes to poverty and shame! Oh my!

So, then, not wanting poverty or shame, what is the opposite of this warning? Whoever regards discipline comes to prosperity and respect? That sounds about right, yes?

Discipline in what? The answer is clear: everything. Continue reading

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