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A Life Connected

Lately I have been pondering the loveliness of sharing life together. Not just with your spouse, but with lots of people. I am going to assume the obviousness of sharing life with one’s spouse, daily and as long as there is breath.
Two butterflies

But I speak of ¬†friends. So many heart connections there. One of my friends has been with me through life for the past 35 years. We have seen the ups and downs. Way ups and way downs. And we’ve shared them together. I’ve sat across from her at her kitchen table while she cried and comforted and listened and prayed. She’s been with me in the hospital, made meals for my family, listened, comforted and prayed. I laid on the floor staring up at her while she had to lay on a massage table face down for DAYS after eye surgery. She opened her door at 1:00 am to my two older children when I went into labor with my third. We talk about God, His Word, His plan. We talk about spouses and children and cooking and politics. Continue reading


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Well … Hello!!!

Did you think I had gone into hibernation for the winter? I know, not good to start and then check out. But, I’m back and raring to go!

My oldest daughter gave birth to her 3rd son on March 24th. At week #11 (last fall) the doctor put her on bed rest. Did I mention it was her 3rd son? Her other two are 3 and 2. Yup … she’s busy … and getting busier.

Marshall newborn

The doctor gave her a 50/50 chance of keeping the baby. And here he is all healthy and gorgeous.

Ladies in our church and friends of Erin’s joined together and helped. I have a day job, so I could not be there 24/7. My boss was amazingly gracious and if Erin needed me, I was there.

It was tough days and weeks, as you could well imagine. But what is that compared to the life of a child? This darling boy.

And these two darling boys that needed clothes and snacks and diaper changes (one of them) and activity and questions answered, to name but a few.

Hunter and Marshall Xander and Marshall

So I’m back. A very blessed and happy Grammie. I cannot wait to see what God has planned for this little guy that arrived on the wings of many prayers.

And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me next, either. Life is rich and I love it with all its crazy twisty curvy turns. What’s next for me? Who knows? Do you know what is next for you? Let me hear it!!! Perhaps it will inspire me!

Patricia Meyers
One with Five Grandkids


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