Where Everybody Knows Your Order

I love traveling. My husband and I just went on a 3,257 mile road trip. We stopped in Manteca CA for 3 days. In Sparks NV for a day. In a teeny tiny town in Wyoming for a day of work. Then on to Colorado Springs CO for 4 days. We headed back home through the mountains then through the incredible beauty that is Utah. Oh how we loved it.

Praying hands in Northern Utah


One of the many beautiful lookouts in Bryce Canyon National Park


The pass through Arizona between southern Utah and southern Nevada is crazy gorgeous!


BUT — we found we were sceneried out (is that a word?). We did not think it could happen, but it did. We were ready for our simple desert landscape and being still for a bit. So funny. But true. I was chatting with my brother the last day of our trip. He and his wife had done a giant road trip through a half-dozen national parks a few years back and he said the same thing — by the last one we were “parked” out.

It was lovely to get home, unpack, and stop by one of our favorite spots in Vegas: Greens & Proteins. We are addicted to a couple of things on the menu and they know us. They know how my picky husband takes his Impossible Burger and they know to never put flax in my Veggicino. Don’t worry if you don’t what that is. You just have to stop by a Greens & Protein the next time you are in Vegas and try one. You will send me a thank you note.

I love traveling, but I love to go where everyone knows my name … or at least my order. Both is best.

One of the hard parts of moving somewhere new is finding your “spots.” We lived outside of St. Louis for a lifetime. I had my favorites. The places where you only had to tell them if you were trying something new. Where you never had to tell them how you liked your coffee or which tea is your fave. The deli in Dogtown (a little area of St. Louis) where the guy who took my order and knew my name (and gave me a hug if it had been a while between visits) and would text me when my favorite soup was on the menu and ask if I wanted him to save a bowl for me.

I don’t have THAT quite yet in Vegas. But I’m working on it.

I am back in Colorado Springs for a family thing. Since I work remotely I can do this without stress. I have grown to love the little Einstein Bagel/Caribou Coffee spot off of Woodmen in the Springs. I came three mornings in a row to work without interruption while slurping delicious cold press coffee. My second morning in the lovely lady behind the counter said: Hummus Veg Out on a Spinach Bagel? With cold press?

WHAT? She knows my order? After two days?

And she did not ask my name. However, a few minutes later I heard “Pat, your sandwich is ready!” called out across the cafe. I can officially call this my second home.

Patricia Meyers
Eating Veggies Across America

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  1. So you are now in Colorado Springs? I’m with you, I like when people know my name.


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