What can you eat?

That question cracks me up now. I had a conversation with a lovely young lady yesterday and she learned I was a plant-based eater and her face went into shock. “What can you eat? I can’t imagine even one meal!”

I chuckled. Not because of the craziness of the question, but that I probably would have asked the same thing myself one day. And now it just seems silly. I’m glad it now seems silly because  that means I have acclimated somewhat.

When I began this journey, I went from one who loves to meal plan and cook to one that couldn’t think beyond salad.

Ridiculous, I know.

But it was true. I know the struggle of changing your diet. Reach out and ask for help! People love to share what is working for them. Glean, my friend, glean!

Now I walk through a farmers market, or garden, or produce section and think: I can eat anything! I can eat all  the colors and vibrant flavors and factory-free food. I love that.

I do open some packages because Trader Joe’s has such a lovely selection! But  mostly I clean, peel, chop, and store. My favorite thing is when my refrigerator looks like a garden.

  • Yesterday I made a cauliflower crust pizza with coconut milk cheese, lentil pasta with peas for lunch, and a bowl of green veggies and quinoa for breakfast.
  • The day before I made pea puree for the first time and ate it with steamed carrots, broccoli and asparagus (I will be repeating that often), a large salad for lunch, and baked sweet potatoes with baked beans for supper.
  • A breakfast of apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, lunch of a salad with 5-6 colors added in, and a dinner of stir fry yummy-ness is another recent day.
  • Oatmeal loaded with beautiful berries, a veggie sandwich with raw veggies and hummus, and a bowl of pasta with spinach and tomatoes is one of my favorite days.
  • Lentil shepherd’s pie is one of our new favorites as well as whole grain tortillas with refried beans topped with black beans and peppers.
  • Mexican quinoa is one of my go-to’s (but my husband is not a fan) as well as a lovely bowl of veggie or lentil soup and perhaps a fruit salad.

Not bad days of food, right? I drink lots of water, but I also have a large glass of iced coffee each or a glass of club soda with lime. Maybe a couple squares of extremely dark chocolate with a cup of herbal tea to end the day.

My labs are improving, my skin is looking clearer and smoother, my hair is fuller, my joints don’t ache, and I am sleeping more soundly. What??? Yup. All true.

All right — tell me your favorite plant-based day! Share in the comments, you just might help someone else when they struggle.


Patricia Meyers
Eating good in this plant-based neighborhood.


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4 responses to “What can you eat?

  1. Pea puree sounds good, I am looking at a sweet pea guacamole recipe; looks like I will have to try it! I love vegetable soup for breakfast. I find that simple is easy.


    • A friend came in town this weekend. We went to a lovely farm to table restaurant and they had a vegetable dish that was on top of pea puree. I almost licked the plate! I asked and the chef gave me the recipe! Yay! Peas, spinach, cream, S&P. Easy peasy — I used coconut cream.


  2. Christi

    We need more of your vegan recipes posted under your recipe section 😁


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