Sometimes Overwhelmed Is GOOD!

It is just a regular Thursday. No biggie. Day 4 of the work week. Early in the month. Nothing special.

Except …

I started thinking about my life. You know, just pondering. Letting the thoughts roll about on their own. And I got instantly overwhelmed.

Six grandchildren that can light up my face and day and world by doing absolutely nothing except being. My 2-year-old calls me to tell me important stuff. The 3-year-old has to show me stuff on every video call because he knows how important it is for me to see everything he loves. The 4 and 6 year olds act like lunatics with excitement or just plain weirdness that I play over again and again in my mind and heart long after the call has ended. And my darling 7-year-old girl. . . I can just stare at her picture and get misty.

The Facebook feed filled with friends’ events, prayer requests, successes, goals, and dreams makes me go through the range of emotion available to any of us on any given day. The photos of their loved ones and goings on fills me with joy.

Lunches with friends here in my new town where we sit and talk long after the server can be bothered with refilling our tea glasses helps make this place home. And the lunches in my old hometown with every visit. Long lunches, breakfasts that roll into lunch hour, coffee dates that knock on dinner’s door … what can I say … overwhelmed.

The fact that I am able to go visit my mom every month to lend her a hand and enjoy some time together laughing and cooking and playing games brings gratefulness beyond measure to my life.

And a husband that loves me and spoils me and has one heck of a weird sense of humor that keeps me on my toes.

I need to get back to work — a job I love with people I love to talk to and hear from and serve and live life with — see, I’m blessed.

I live in a town that recently suffered a severe attack. I live in a town that experienced amazing love toward one another after said event. #VegasStrong is not just a hashtag. It is life here. One event does not define this place, the community of giving and kindness afterwards does.

I live my life with faith and, frankly, don’t know how life could be so rich without it. I am privileged enough to be able to give and touch lives that are hurting. I am connected to world changers.

I have dreams still on the horizon. There are unmet goals in my heart. A bucket list does exist. But those things do not make me anxious or fretful or discontented.

I am deeply contented every day. Enormously thankful for my sphere. Incredibly overwhelmed with the good.


Patricia Meyers
Overwhelmed with good


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2 responses to “Sometimes Overwhelmed Is GOOD!

  1. Maggie

    Awesome! Can you send me your book on children’s ministry?


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