How can you love more and live more?

Is that a question you have ever asked? Perhaps this one: How can I be more?

It seems we are plagued with the desire to do better, be better, look better, live better. Is that a product of our culture? It is a good product or a by-product? I am pondering that question deeply of late.

Here is my humble conclusion — we are made to improve. We are encouraged in Scripture to “fulfill” “race” “fulfill” and many more inspiring words. It is built into our DNA to try to be better.

Now, how to do that without getting into the “holy crap I’m great!” mentality? There’s the rub. I don’t think it is that hard, if we just keep our purposes and goals in line with humanity.

I want to take care of myself better, get healthier, feel more energetic so I can do more for my fellow-man and my lovely family. If my goal was to heap more stuff upon myself, I would just sit down and eat a tub of ice cream and stay lethargic.

But I don’t want to do that. I want to reach higher and get stronger. I want to be more knowledgeable, more helpful, more useful, more … well, just more. What if each day, because you are out there in the world and living fully, you say or do something that impacts another human intensely. You may not even know it, but what if it were true. Such an awesome thought.

So much of improvement comes down to the basics of life: what we eat, how we rest, the words we let ourselves say and think about ourselves and others.

To that end, as you know, I have been pursuing more vegetables and am getting quite friendly with them. And I’ve been enjoying sunlight and movement more and more. In doing those things, I have been getting better rest. In getting better rest I am so much more ME each day. I like to live in the capital ME instead of the lowercase thin-lined me. That is my definition of living large. ALL CAPS!

Such a simple equation (food + movement + water = rest + energy). As easy as 5+5 + 5=15 and yet life changing.

Image result for free images of math symbols

I think hoards of us in the early stages of the 21st century long to return to some semblance of old world methods and philosophies. It can be done. I have found so many that are doing it. And it is like breathing fresh air after being in a smog-laden city.

Join us. Share your strategy to return at least one piece of your life to simpler times.



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