Focus on the Important Stuff

Truth. Right?

But what if you have too many “Important Stuffs”?

I am working on eating a plant-based diet. It takes focus. Maybe it shouldn’t take so much focus, but it is taking my focus!

And I am back in the children’s ministry game! Yay! I will be launching a new website shortly showcasing my best-selling product line — The Party Plans! So much excitement has surrounded these products, so much excitement surrounding getting them revamped and re-released.

AND I am attempting to get myself back to writing daily.

So, what does one do when there are too many “Important Stuffs”? I’m asking you. Really.



Here is what has worked for me in the past:

  1. Block out your time.
  2. Work the blocks as they come.
  3. Repeat.

So, that is where I will go again. I heard Tony Robbins say once “Go back to a time that was incredibly successful. What did you do? Do it again.”

In my meeting the other day with my web designer I listed my FIRST priority. Unfortunately there were 3 Firsts. Of course she laughed at me (what option did she have?). She did limit me to 3 Firsts.

So, I’m off to start with #1. Then I’ll move forward down the list and repeat and repeat and repeat again.

Got something you need to get moving on? Well, join me!

Pat Meyers
Working on #1


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2 responses to “Focus on the Important Stuff

  1. Definitely a trick when there is more than one first! Let me know if you figure it out!


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