Vegan? REALLY?

I know what you are thinking. Vegan? What is that word doing on a post title?

On, more specifically, my post title???

Well, I’ve been on a health journey. I felt lead to put myself on a 60 day challenge (I talked about it already here.and here.) But I never would have expected it would take me here.


I would have argued with you if you said it would. Actually, I think I did argue about it.

But I have watched about a dozen documentaries and read almost as many books and an untold number of blog posts. And my brain was expanded to understand the benefit of plant-based nutrition.

Now here I am, Day 50. Day 50!!! Wahoo! Go me!

And I am vegan. More specific plant-based. Geez I cannot believe it is true, but it is.


And the funny thing is … I love it. I love how I feel. I love learning this new way to cook. I love how my lab numbers have responded. Love. Love. Love.

If you are struggling with blood sugar issues, kidney issues, digestive issues, whatever issues … read about it, learn about what plant-based nutrition does for your body.

My blood sugar is well within normal now. Prior to my kidney transplant I was told I would be a diabetic after. What? That is not necessarily an absolute equation, is it? That  made me mad. However, over the past 6 years I have worked my tail off to keep it down to the “slightly high” levels. My primary care doctor told me I had through the end  of this year or we were going to have a chat about the “D” word. Yikes! I got it into an “almost normal” level and was ecstatic. But just a few weeks into this eating plan, normal blood sugar. No biggie. No problem. Just normal levels. That’s all.

Additionally, with regards to my particular kidney disease, protein in the urine is a BIG DEAL. Well, mine had spiked rather alarmingly. Now it is rolling down the scale rapidly. No one is concerned any more. Phew!

By way of celebration, I am putting a new recipe on file here. I made it up the other night (not that it is some genius creation), and my mother and I went crazy over it. I am caring for her right now post surgery. So, yes, she is being forced to try this along with me.

She is loving it, too.

If  you have questions, comments, jokes, teasings, etc; leave them below. If you want to know what documentaries I watched, just ask. Or go to Netflix and hunt, you’ll find a bunch.


Patricia Meyers
Eating my veggies!


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12 responses to “Vegan? REALLY?

  1. So happy that you are healthy and so disciplined! Good for you!


  2. Hi Patricia, I’m a newbie vegan too (about 2 days haha), I found it funny that when I posted about my new journey I used the same title as you lol – pure coincidence I promise you lol. As I’m so new to it I am certainly glad to hear that you are finding the benefits well worth the change. Keep it up!!! Angie


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  4. a plant based diet as improved my life so much! Love the post.


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