What is a “Small Thing”?

Have you heard the quote: “Be faithful in the small things”? Did you know it comes from the Bible? I’ve run into so many people  who didn’t know it was from the Bible. Luke 16:10 actually.

I have a question for you to ponder today:

What, exactly, is a small thing?

I mean a paperclip is a small thing. Are we to be faithful in paper clips? Like, maybe, don’t throw them away. Be diligent to save so they can be reused and treasured.

Paper clips

Is it paperclips of which the reference is being made? Of course not!

Ants? Pocket lint? Green peas? Earrings?

Of course I am just being silly. But what, exactly, is a small thing?

Here is my pondering brain’s opinion:

It is different for everyone.

Many theologians believe it is talking only of money, but the Bible is rarely that one-dimensional. And, yes, it can mean money, but a small amount of money is different for everyone. And it is different at different stages of one’s life and career. $10 is small to some while $1,000 is small to others. It is a relative thing.

So, what is your list of small things that you should be faithful in? What is it right now at the stage of life you find yourself?

It is a small thing to stop and play with a child or answer their question or squat down and look them in the eye. Well, it is a small thing for us as adults, but it is a giant thing for a child.

It is a small thing to hold the door for someone, but if that someone is going through a physical crisis that might be unseen to the naked eye, that door holding might have gargantuan status on their side.

It is a small thing to drop a dollar or empty the change from your wallet or pocket into a fund-raising bucket, but you have no idea what it might mean on their side.

It is a small thing to help clear the table or do the dishes or sweep a floor, but it might feel like solid gold to the person on the receiving end of that gesture.

It is a small thing to offer a compliment to someone, but it might be the antidote to a depressive spirit.

It is a small thing to simply stop and fulfill the request of your boss or coworker, but its benefits may be enormous and long-range.

The list of small things can go on and on and on and on. And the value of those receiving those small things range in value from appreciation or overwhelming gratitude.

But what about yourself?

It is a small thing to say the little word NO to a purchase, but it might be a huge thing for your budget.

It is a small thing to pick up an apple from the refrigerator drawer instead of a donut, not much different in weight or size; but your heart and blood sugar and overall health would consider it a thing of ginormous proportion. Especially if repeated daily.

It is a small thing to take a flight of stairs instead of the elevator, but huge in payback. Unless you are ill, then taking a flight of stairs might be your huge thing!

It is a small thing to write for 30 minutes a day, but a big thing to hold your finished book in your hand.

Yes, I could continue. But I will stop here and hope that you will pause and ponder. What are the small things in your world right now in your current state and status?

Are you being faithful in them?

It is the only pathway to greater things. That is a fact. It is not a secret. It is not a mystery. It doesn’t just work sometimes, it works all the time.

If you save $1.00 a week every single week (small thing), you will have more money at the end of the year than you do now. Simple math. And it works in every scenario, not just money.


And, yes, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it isn’t working. But if you build faithfulness into your character in the little things, your character grows.

Simple basic truth we can all live by.


Patricia Meyers
Paying Attention to the Little Things


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5 responses to “What is a “Small Thing”?

  1. It’s a small thing to leave comments on blogs, but they mean a lot to this writer! And to sell books 1, 2, or 3 at a time to hopefully dozens someday 🙂


  2. Would you believe it if I told you I opened up my copy of Writer’s Digest today fresh out of the mailbox and there is an article “It’s the Little Things” in it??! Hmmm…maybe I should pay more attention to these things!


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