Santa is Watching … drive carefully

Currently I live in the St. Louis metro area. It isn’t the worst area for rush hour traffic, but it isn’t the best either. The other day I had a doctor’s appoint on the complete other side of the metro area. I live in the Metro-East and the appointment was the extreme other side.

And I got out of the appointment at the thick of rush hour.

What that means for my drive is that I went through three (yes 3) rush hours: Chesterfield, the inner-belt, and downtown.

We inched for the first 5-6 miles, then actually drove. Then inched again through the inner-belt exchange, then drove again. Then came the downtown mess. It was as thick as ever.

Then I saw a sign that made me laugh. It was kind of like this one:



Well, it wasn’t that, but when I saw that one online I cracked up so I thought I would put it here.

The one in downtown St. Louis said “Santa is Watching … Drive Carefully.” I cracked up. Whoever was manning the keyboard had a little fun with that one here in late December.

So, since we were inching along again (not even registering on the speedometer) I decided I could get a picture of it with my cell phone. Nope, couldn’t do it. It came out looking like this.

Santa is watching

BUT … that is not the funniest part. I mentioned that it was incredibly heavy traffic. Bumper to bumper literally, 5 lanes across. My son was behind be (unbeknownst to me) and saw me snap a picture during rush hour traffic!! Out of thousands and thousands of drivers … really???

So, I was busted.

I figure he is just jealous that he can’t handle such a maneuver. Which, clearly, neither can I.


So, drive carefully this holiday season. Whether or not Santa is really watching, I do want you to arrive safely and have an absolutely lovely time with your family and friends.


Blessings on you and yours straight from my heart,


Pat Meyers
Celebrating the Love of Christmas

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