A New Chapter

Sometimes we long for a new chapter in our life for what feels like ages. Other times it pops up before us like a beautiful vista after cresting a hill. That is where my husband and I are.

At a new chapter. A new beginning. A fresh adventure.

photo credit - dreamtime.com

photo credit – dreamtime.com

We moved to the St. Louis area 36 years ago. And a few weeks from now we are pulling up the stakes and heading west. And we are excited.

When we are with friends or our precious kiddos and grand-kiddos, we feel a myriad of emotion. But when we are alone, just the two of us and our dreams, we are giddy with excitement.

From the moment we made the decision to the time we set our feet on Nevada soil it will be close to the length of a pregnancy. Now that is a great example of birthing a new dream! The planning, the cleaning, the sorting, the pitching, the packing, the repairing, the planning … all will be worth it for a new adventure on our journey in life.

Some chapters are not so welcome in life (we’ve been there), but some come with a terrific first line. Some chapters begin in such a way that you cannot put the book down but flip page after page in a flurry of parchment. This is one of those. We don’t know exactly what is in store. We don’t know what ministry avenues await us. But we feel the tug and we are counting the days. Well, sort of, we don’t really know the number. But we are anxious for the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place.

What about you? How is the chapter of life you are in going? Are you in an exciting one? A scary one? A surprising one? They are all necessary for a great story, it seems. And they all give way to a new one eventually. Although some do seem to drag on.

Keep going through your story. Keep turning the pages. Keep living every line. Don’t let the book of your life sit dormant. Live it.

photo credit - dreamtime.com

photo credit – dreamtime.com

Live it with joy and passion. Live it with generosity and kindness. Live it with forgiveness and forbearance.

But, most importantly, live it every day. Don’t let the pages slip by and fall to the floor unnoticed.  Put your self into each. Look deeply into someone’s eyes. Listen with your heart. Laugh from your soul. Relish each relationship. Savor the quiet moments.



Patricia Meyers
Enjoying the anticipation


P.S. I don’t think I’ve actually used the word forbearance in my writing before. 🙂



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3 responses to “A New Chapter

  1. Megan

    I’m excited for you two to begin your new adventure! Good for you for welcoming change.


  2. I am in a different chapter as well. It concerns marketing a new book and is stretching me but at the same time is exciting!


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