A Penman Ponders …

That seems to be what I do. I ponder things. I love to think about things. Odd? I know.

frog pondering

I remember, years ago, when a young co-worker found out that I did not turn the radio on in my car. She freaked. Seriously. It was hilarious. She did some research online to find out how many people don’t listen to music while they drive. Especially when they have a long commute, like me.

Suffice it to say I was in the minority. Vast minority.

I don’t care. I love to ponder. It’s what I do. And in my car, on my drive to and from work, it is quiet and without distraction (well, except for the happenings on the road). And I can just let my thoughts wander.

I can cover a myriad of topics in a 45 minute drive. It’s amazing.

Of course, remembering anything that I wanted to write about when I get to pen and paper is quite another subject. I used the voice recorder on my phone once, but it felt weird. Maybe I’ll try it again one day.

I like to write about what I ponder. And I like it when people comment with their ponderings. It is lovely conversation.

I spent a weekend with my writer friends recently. We can talk about anything – sensical or non. (I don’t think sensical is a real word, but I figure I can make up a word if I want to.) We discuss everything involving our writing, our families, our struggles, our organization techniques – or lack thereof – and everything else under the sun.

Community pondering…fabulous.

So I guess I will continue to ponder since I can’t really stop myself. I don’t think everyone does that because so many think I am odd. Do you ponder? Will you admit it to me?

Patricia Meyers
This Penman Ponders

P.S. What do you think of the new header?



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5 responses to “A Penman Ponders …

  1. I am also a frequent ponderer and do it a lot when driving, even with the radio on. I believe pondering comes with the writer’s life.

    And I love the new header!


  2. Of course I ponder. Doesn’t everyone? I rarely have music in the car and when I do it is usually a CD not the radio.

    I like the new header.


  3. Let me ponder the header….hmmmm. Love it! But, I do listen to music when I drive; Christian or classical. Christian I sing to and classical I ponder during. (How’s that for an awkward sentence.) I sincerely hope my pondering is better than my singing!


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