Saying Thank You

What a thing to say — thank you. It’s not hard, but then sometimes it is, for a variety of reasons.

But it is a lovely thing to have said to you. Thank you — whether it is for a kind gesture, a gift, a thoughtful comment, or anything done whether big or small.

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The dictionary says of thank you “it is a polite expression used to acknowledge a gift, or compliment, etc.”

We even teach our children to say thank you at an extraordinarily young age. It’s important.


Sure, at times, people say it flippantly without considering its meaning. But then there are the other times: When the kindness is large, and our gratitude seems small.

We can’t find the right words. We can’t match our expression of gratitude to the level of appreciation we feel. Our message seems to fall short.

I’ve felt that way, haven’t you? When you don’t know HOW to say thank you for something unbelievably over-the-top?

What a lovely thing. To have a kindness so big it causes “thank you” to appear weak. That is a great thing to have happen to you.

I hope you have experienced it.

And I hope you get to be the giver of that level of kindness. What a grand thought that is.


Pat Meyers
Grateful to the Nth degree


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