It is so easy to help others

Or to do someone a favor.

“Hey, will you do me a favor?” They ask.

I answer, “Sure!” or “I will if I can.”

But what about doing ourselves a favor? That seems difficult at times.

I’m not sure why it happens or when it began, but women seem to put themselves on the back burner for the sake of their families.

And I am guilty of same. I would rather do something for my kids or grand kids than myself. It sounds worse when you write it out or speak it. But when you are living it, it just feels right. Doing stuff for others is fulfilling. Doing stuff for your family is more than fulfilling. It is gratifying. So we do. And keep on doing.

That is not a bad thing. Quite the contrary.

But …  we need to carve out some time and space for ourselves:

We need to care for our bodies: eat right, exercise, rest, take care of our skin, get outside.

We need to take care of our need for socialization: lunch with a friend, coffee with the girls, weekend outing, shopping excursion, knitting group, writing group, sports, etc.

We need to take care of our need to grow: learn something new, hone a skill, study history, expand our job knowledge.

You get the idea. Time. We need some of it for ourselves. Not all of it. Just some.

Of course, there are those that do only for themselves and are regularly too busy to help others, but that is not the norm. Most kind-hearted people are willing and eager to help out a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or stranger. Which is awesome and incredibly inspiring. And I love it.

But I am trying to do a little more for myself. I joined the Y and am loving my time there. I make sure I have some reading time during the week — it gives me peace and broadens my thoughts. I try to take some time to knit as often as I can — I love doing it and I always make stuff for others which definitely gives me joy (maybe one day I’ll make something for myself).

Do you take time for yourself? Maybe a walk at sunset (or sunrise if you are a rooster like me). Maybe a cup of tea and a magazine without interruption. Or a long sudsy soak. Or a much-needed chat session.

Whatever you need to keep yourself balanced, do it. This week.


Pat Meyers
Calling a friend to schedule tea time


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2 responses to “It is so easy to help others

  1. Sara Meyers

    Hey! Guilty as charged. Thanks is for the reminder. Now if I could just stop feeling guilty when I take time for myself.


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