It’s like money in the bank …

Seriously. That’s how it feels.

I’ve changed my eating. Dropped all grain. All sugar is gone. So is all processed food.

This is serious.

But if I don’t do it, well, the other option is not good.

So I have become serious (almost obsessively so) about food prep. If I have salads made up in my refrigerator, protein cooked and at the ready, fruit cleaned, veggies cut up, and so on; I can win the battle daily. If not … you know the end of that sentence.

This weekend was an extremely hectic one with a short out-of-town trip, bathroom renovation underway, grandchildren to play with, etc. Wait, did you catch the part about the bathroom renovation? The translation is: dust, mess, tools, trips to the hardware store (repeatedly). But in the middle of the chaos, I took a few minutes and went to the store. I made up two salads. I cooked some chicken and turkey sausage. I cut up celery and bought some humus.

So this morning, after an extra-long weekend I got up a little late and slammed breakfast and lunch together to take with me in a matter of minutes.

Like money in the bank – at the ready in an emergency.

If I hadn’t done the prep, a drive-through would have happened. Absolutely not what I want to do right now. But I did do the prep, so instead of junk food, I have eaten healthy all day.

If you have money in the bank, you have choices. You don’t have to choose between paying a bill and fixing a car. You don’t have to stress about how many meals it is to payday. You don’t have to be caught off guard by a broken appliance, or a flat tire, or an insurance co-pay. You are peaceful. You’re covered.

That’s how I felt this morning when I was rushing about. I opened my refrigerator door and breathed in peace. I pulled out a few containers, filled my lunch bowls, and was out the door armed with what I need to beat the health issues trying to knock down my door. I won because of a bit of foresight.

It made me so happy with myself. There is nothing worse than being frustrated at yourself in a tight situation. It’s stinks to have no one to blame but yourself when you drive through and get a crud-sandwich. But I didn’t have that regret. I have a cute little lunch bag full of deliciousness that is also, quite happily, healthy.

A well-stocked fridge is a great ally.

By the way, I also like money in the bank.


Pat Meyers
Crunching on goodies


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4 responses to “It’s like money in the bank …

  1. Can you come over to wash and prep fruits and veggies at my house? I would love to do this…I never seem to get to it.


  2. I’m exhausted just thinking about the work it took to prepare the food in that refrigerator! Beautiful but—is it really wrong of me to want a “Jimmy John’s” #15 for lunch? 🙂


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