Navigating The Storm

Have you driven through a dreadful storm? Rain? Thunder? Lightning? Snow? Fog? No visibility? Rain coming down in sheets where you cannot see in front of your hood?

Sure. We all have at some point. Well, maybe not all.

What do you do then?

You open your eyes as wide as they can open.

You watch the white line on the side of the road.

You slow your speed.

You ride behind someone who is hopefully driving sanely (like you) and watch the mile markers go by one at a time.

And you pray.

Oh, and you grip the steering wheel like somehow that will make all the difference.

You wish you could see the path, clearly, all the way ahead of you. But you can’t. So you watch what you can see.

The all-important white line.

The vehicle in front of you.

The mile markers and exit signs.

I know the number of every exit on my way to and from my office. Of course I do. It would be silly not to. Most days they just are blurs out my passenger window.

But … during a storm … they are very different.

I have driving through many a storm counting off the exit numbers until I would get home: #1, #2, #4, #6, #9, #10, #13, #15, #17, #19, #20, and then #24. That’s where I exit and head to my haven.

How does that compare to a life storm? When chaos or tragedy is winning the day, how do we navigate that storm?

The emotions are similar: we want to see the entire pathway clearly. But many times, in a storm of life, we can only see what is close by. We need to watch those “markers” go by and trust and know that we will get to the exit ramp of this particular storm.

Sometimes we aren’t sure how long it will last. Sometimes we aren’t sure if we are doing everything correctly. But it’s a storm! You might not do every single thing correctly! It’s okay.

Just keep praying. Just keep going. Just keep your eyes on the One in front of you leading the way. Nope, you might not know what’s ahead. But you can trust in His line of sight. And trust in His leading.

It’s hard when we can’t see around the next curve. But if we didn’t have storms and low visibility sometimes, how would we know with assurance that we are, in fact, trusting?

I guess we couldn’t.

So, we face a storm and navigate to the best of our ability. And rejoice when our exit ramp comes into view! Home for some rest and respite.


Pat Meyers
Navigating the best I can


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One response to “Navigating The Storm

  1. Navigating a zero visibility blizzard— in January— in North Dakota— is all about total trust in God (there just anywhere else to turn!).


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