Making Waves

I joined the YMCA a few months ago to use the pool for therapy on my ailing knee as well as exercise. I love the water.

It has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Three weeks in and the swelling was down by 80%. After six weeks I no longer wore my brace. Now I love going for the exercise and the relaxation.

One morning I exited the locker room to an empty pool. It was all mine. Not a ripple, not a movement, just smooth lovely water.swimming-pool-659911_640

It was lovely to enter and see the impact I made. Every ripple was because of me. As I walked in I moved my arms to watch the waves begin at my fingers and stretch across the length of the Olympic-sized pool.

ocean waves

Similar to a freshly snow-covered field or a beach smoothed by the tide, the stillness and smoothness is lovely. And being the one to make the first mark or print or wave is somehow exhilarating. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is the child in us that refuses to age.

Or perhaps it is because we love to have impact.

Impact on the sandy shore, the snowy field, or the smooth lake. Or impact on our world.

It is restful to look out at the smooth, peaceful lake. But it is delightful to toss a rock and watch the rings move out in concentric circles. Effecting a change is fulfilling.

Dani at the lake

I believe that some make negative ripples because they don’t know how to make positive ones, or perhaps they received more feedback from the negative while growing up.

The kind of impact we are responsible for is up to us. Go … have an impact today.

Make a ripple. Heck, make a wave!


Patricia Meyers
Making waves


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2 responses to “Making Waves

  1. When we go home to our family farm in North Dakota, I love walking into a field of wheat…the rustle as the wind blows through it… .under a huge sky…vastness upon vastness. And as I pass through it , not a trace of me or a hint that I had been there! I wonder if that makes an impact somewhere in the universe? Loved the thought provoking column, Pat.


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