On Giving Cheerfully

2 Corinthians 9:7 tells us clearly that God loves a cheerful giver. Don’t give under compulsion, Paul tells us, but give what you determine to give. And give it cheerfully.

That entire passage is specifically speaking of money. Cash. Dollars. So it cannot be confused that we are to give money cheerfully.

But I am wondering if that principle couldn’t also be applied to other instances of giving.

Like: household chores, driving someone to an appointment, helping someone in need, a task at work, listening to a neighbor drone on about something you couldn’t care less about, making a meal for a family in need, cleaning up after someone else.

These are all instances of giving: giving our time, our energy, our attention, our resources. Shouldn’t they, also, been given with a cheerful attitude?

steaming iron

When doing the unending task of dishes or laundry for our families, it would be very easy to become bitter or grumbly or lazy. But, if we view it as giving, then perhaps we can put it into the “giving cheerfully” column of our thoughts.

Or how about that task at work that grates at you. How about trying to look at it as an opportunity to give? And how about trying to do it with a cheerful heart?

Helping a neighbor, or a friend, or a friend’s friend, or anyone can take its toll if it cuts into our plans. There is a good chance for cheerful giving.

Just a thought for us to chew on.

What is it that makes you roll your eyes when it is time to do it? What is it that makes you grumble or grouse? Is there something?

There’s always something, right?


Pat Meyers
Going for cheerfulness

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One response to “On Giving Cheerfully

  1. You mean like prepping and chopping veggies? Or teaching when I’d rather be writing? I’ll try to be more cheerful doing the activities I don’t enjoy. Thanks!


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