A life consistent

There is nothing like a story of someone who changed their situation massively. Or someone who overcame tremendous odds. You know, the Olympic athlete that came from meager beginnings and worked 42 jobs to enable him/her to train 100 hours a week and made it to the Olympic podium winning over those with every possible support and resource available to them. Or the author who sold their first manuscript for a million dollars and went from rags to riches by their skill and talent and determination.

Those stories stir us, inspire us, motivate us, and sometimes shame us. They are fantastic.

You know what other story is fantastic?

A life consistent.

Can you think of someone who is a constant in your life? Someone upon whom you can always count? Someone who is a faithful source of encouragement? Or kindness? Or assistance? Or a listening ear?

Someone who would not speak ill of you (or anyone)? Someone who remains true to themself in the face of adversity, trials, and unjust-ness?

Sure, no one is perfect; but there are those who are consistent. They are trustworthy. They are count-on-able.

Consistency inspires and changes us.


Because it is getting to be a rare commodity. A priceless, precious commodity.

It is a trait to be pursued in ourselves and treasured in those with whom we surround ourselves.

Unless it is consistently negative or berating or destructive.

By the phrase “a life consistent” I choose to define it as positively consistent.

Patricia Meyers
In pursuit of consistency

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