My goal for every hospital stay

You gotta have a goals in life, right? Well, when you are ill with a chronic disease (mine was kidney disease), your goals might be a little skewed from normal.

Sometimes it is just to get up and dressed in the morning. Sometimes it is to keep a meal down. Sometimes it is to not snap at your loved ones. (Really.) Sometimes it is to do ONE thing that makes you feel productive.

If you are really sick and spending a lot of time at doctor offices or admitted to hospitals, it is a really good idea to have a goal for those events.

I mean, truly, they aren’t fun. And you don’t want things to just “happen” to you without you having a say in a thing or two. (See this post about stuff that happens to you.)

A hospital bed – I’ve seen toooooo many of these.

Often, when you are sick, you have very little control over things. You know, they come in and take you away for a test, or procedure, or God knows what. You get rolled down the hallway and things happen. Then they come by and put that hideous NPO sign on your hospital door and no one brings you food or drink until the next trip down the hall to an unnamed event, for which you had no say. That event is usually the following day and it could be early or NOT. And you starve. And thirst.

One day I said to my nurse, “If you put that NPO sign on my door one more time, I will not be responsible for my actions.” They laughed. I was not joking.

At any rate, I did have one goal that guided me during every single hospital stay (there were many) and every doctor visit (I couldn’t even guess that number). It was this:

I wanted to be a blessing.

So many people are cranky when they are sick. And I totally get that. It’s hard. You feel like cow dung. But, how hard is that on the medical staff? Very. That’s how hard.

I wanted to fall in a different category.

One day I received confirmation that my actions were actually lining up with my goal, even if I didn’t feel certain of that truth.

One day about 7:00 pm it was time for the shift change. A male nurse was telling the news of each patient to the incoming staff. They stopped outside my door and I heard him say “This is Mrs.Meyers, you will not care for anyone more delightful than this lady.”

I sat on my bed and cried. I felt so awful. I was frightened about what was happening in my body. And at the very same time I was so blessed by his words. They took away the pain and discomfort.

This is the one truth I knew — I was meeting these people only because I was sick. I would never have come across their path otherwise. I wanted to use that time to touch their heart.

I was honored to be used to brighten his day.

I still didn’t want to be sick. And I’m so happy for my health today.

But I am glad that happened. I treasure it in my heart and hope to bless those I come in contact with daily while healthy.

Do you have a daily “bless others” goal? It’s a really good idea.


Patricia Meyers
One Who Was Sick (past tense)


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