Watching Life Out My Car Window

If you drive to work every day, and take the same route, you see life happen outside your window.

Houses sell, families move in.

Outside my car window

Women run with jogging strollers with a small bulge under the blanket, then a bigger stroller and a child you can see, then running alongside a tricycle and then a two-wheeler.

You see cars packed with goods to take a graduate to college and cars emptying over the years as the children move on.

Yard sale signs pop up every year with evidence of life lived being sold for someone else to enjoy.

And then there is my favorite elderly man who shuffles with an adorable tiny terrier beside him. They are there every day. He shuffles and the leashed dog stays right beside him. They “walk” rain or shine, snow or dry, hot or cold. They walk. I don’t know how far they go, but I look for them every day.

For about a week one summer the dog was not with him and I worried. Would he be okay by himself? How lonely must he be? Does he have family? What happened to his little canine friend?

Then puppy returned. Sauntering along next to his human friend, he seemed happy to be back on his leash.

That’s been over a year, and today the man shuffled alone again, in the rain holding the largest umbrella I’ve ever seen. And I wondered about Dog.

And then I pondered the fact that the life and lives I’ve witnessed out my car windows for the last number of years has become part of my world, even though I haven’t stopped to say hello or introduce myself or ask them how they are.

Perhaps I will. Perhaps I will join that life and blend my outside the car window life with my inside my car windows and the windows of my house life.

Join me … don’t just watch. Join in.


Patricia Meyers
Watching life everywhere I can


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2 responses to “Watching Life Out My Car Window

  1. Often when I’m driving somewhere I wonder where everyone is going. Always seems to be more traffic at that time of day than there used to be–like at 10 a.m., or 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I wonder if they’re going to have a baby or if they’re going to a funeral or the doctor.


  2. Since I live in the country, much of the life outside my car window is “wild.”
    There are the fawn twins, and the turkey babies crossing the road, or the fox sneaking through my back yard. I love watching nature rather than traffic!!
    Nice food for thought, Pat.


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