People are funny

Sometimes, as day runs into day, it is easy to miss the hilarity that meets us through people all around us. Or we ignore it. Or forget it.

But life is fun because of people.

three people laughing


One of the things I like more than anything is witty-ness and puns. A really good pun can tickle my funny bone to the embarrassing point. Sometimes, if it really tickles me, I can laugh about it again and again, reliving it.


I know.

But, it is true. I married a punster. He can make me laugh even when I REALLY don’t feel like laughing. He is great for a quick comeback and for a witty play on words. It makes the regular ordinary days fun.

For years we had one of those oil style space heaters in our main room during the coldest part of the winter. When my husband would come inside from cleaning cars or clearing the walk, he would put his gloves on the oil heater. My teen-aged daughter picked them up one day and said “Dad, they have grill marks!”

That tickled me to no end. I really wish I had thought of it.

Recently I wrote a blog post about hiding vegetables in recipes when you have picky eaters. My friend, Elaine, made a comment on my Facebook page that she hides carrots in her carrot cake! Again, I wished I had thought of it.

My writer friend, Bev, is by far one of the funniest people I have been blessed to cackle with for over 12 years. Hardly a meeting goes by where she doesn’t say something I wish I had thought of and at which I laugh like a crazy person.

Quick wit gets me good. Every time.

What tickles your funny bone?

I want to hear it. Share it here!

Patricia Meyers
Still Laughing



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4 responses to “People are funny

  1. I married one of those, too. When my brother started a new job recently as a fork-lift driver, I made the mistake of wondering aloud how his first day went. My hubby said, I’m sure it was uplifting.


  2. pops

    when we moved from california back to the mid west we carefully stacked all our blankets for the movers to use/ they packed them in a moving blanket and loaded them!!


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