Purple Paint

The walls in my office are painted purple

purple paint

And why shouldn’t they be? I love that color. I love it on the inside of me.

I wish I didn’t love it so much. I wish I wasn’t so predictable.

But … I do … and I am.

We will move from our house this year (we are cleaning the attic and basement as we speak — err … write). I wonder if I’ll ever have another completely purple room. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But I’ve had one for well over a decade. And I’ve loved it.

I have spent countless hours working in there when my business, ChildrensChurchStuff.com, was print version. A lot of shipping took place out of my little purple room. Now all the products are digital and all I need is a laptop and a little stand. Except when I’m writing and researching, then I spread out a little. But during those years when I was in that room a bunch, I loved being surrounded by the color of happiness.

I used to tell the kids in children’s church to look me up when they get to heaven. I’ll be easy to find — I’ll be dancing on the purple stripe on the rainbow around God’s throne!

Silly? Maybe. But it made me smile and they smiled, too. I think it made heaven just a little more real for them. And that is a good thing in my book.

Right now I am sitting with a friend, writing. The table is white, the screen is white, the iced tea glass is clear (because it’s empty); but my thoughts are purple and yellow and magenta. And I pray they always will be.

Regardless of current events, the price of gas, the number of rainy days we’ve had, or how I feel; I want to remain colorful on the inside. And to let it out to others.smiley face


If a smile was a color, what color would it be? The classic smiley face is yellow. I’m guessing that color was used because a smile can brighten someone’s day like the blazing sun.


If a laugh was a color, what color would it be? Perhaps orange…or purple… or maybe a swirl.

laughter is a swirl

Yup, that’s what I think. A swirl of color.

That’s why I love making people laugh and why I love to laugh.

I wish for you smiles and laughter all day even if you are hospitalized, or bed bound, or really really tired, or frustrated, or sad. I wish for you laughter.


Pat Meyers
Currently laughing out loud

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